VPN Servers: 4 Things You Must Know

There are so many virtual private networks out there, some of them are free while some of them are paid. Although you can test and try both, we highly recommend you to read this article before choosing a VPN network for your streaming needs.

If you are one of those who love to explore things on their own then you can try some of the best VPN providers below and explore its features.

But in this article, we will talk about something which most people don’t really know much about. We will discuss what are the four main things that you must know about a VPN server before deciding the network for yourself.

So, without any further ado, let’s get into it.

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Every virtual private network has its own servers. So if you want to have your IP address changed completely and unblock websites.

Then you should choose a good VPN server. The best thing is that you don’t need to ask your friends or family members which VPN is the ideal choice for changing IP addresses etc. Because every person has his/her own ideas when it comes to choosing a good VPN server.

But no matter which server you choose, you should always do all your research before selecting the option. You should also make sure that the company isn’t untrustworthy.

They should be very reliable and efficient enough to provide you with quality service. That’s why we have made this list of four things you must know about VPN servers. 

1 – Do they offer multiple connections?

Do you use torrents regularly? If yes, then you may face serious issues related to throttling by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

There are lots of ISPs that block different ports like ports 80, 23, 22, etc. These ports allow us to access websites easily as well as download files from Torrent websites. But because of these blocking rules, users cannot access their favorite websites through the TOR browser.

This issue is common amongst all the countries where ISPs are not friendly towards internet surfing. In such cases, you can change your IP using a virtual private network. So here’s how you can deal with this issue.

By using a VPN network you can change your IP address. And hence you will be able to bypass these restrictions easily. Hence, you should choose a VPN provider that allows connection to all types of devices. It should work seamlessly across various devices, including mobile phones, computers, tablets, and more.

2 – Which Countries Are Supported By Your VPN Server?

When it comes to VPN services, speed plays an important role. But there’s no denying the fact that the country in which your connection is hosted matters the most.

Most providers will give you options to select server locations based on your region. Based on your choices, the provider might offer you other extra benefits and bonuses.

Most VPNs allow you to connect to the US, UK, Netherlands, Japan, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. We’ll explain each location below. But while connecting to servers located outside the US, you’re still restricted by government regulations.

If you live in a non-US-based country, there are chances that website hosting companies will restrict certain content. This is done so that they could monetize better.

3 – Can I Use My VPN Network At Work?

If you spend time at work, you probably already heard people complaining about your office WiFi being blocked by your boss. Well, you can get around this restriction easily. All you need to do is connect to a VPN network, and you won’t be banned.

A VPN network will encrypt the data to ensure privacy and security. This means that everyone who uses the network at your workplace will see a different IP address. This way, you will be able to browse anonymously.

4 – How Many Servers The VPN Has?

The number of servers should be proportional to the user base. When you reach millions or billions of users, it would be wise to plan for future growth by increasing the number of servers.

But don’t forget that the more servers you purchase, the higher the price will become. So if you have a limited budget, you can go for smaller numbers instead.

As long as you receive satisfactory service, it doesn’t matter how many servers you own. Moreover, you can always buy additional servers later.



We all know what a VPN is, but just like everything else, when you compare them, we usually end up choosing the best one. Here, we’ve reviewed some factors that you should consider.

Nowadays, VPNs are the top choice of almost every user looking for a simple solution to bypass internet restrictions. Not only this, but also it gives access to private networks.

Since VPNs are essential tools for those who want to stay anonymous online, it is very much understood why they’re becoming more popular than ever.

Keep reading our guides to learn more!



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