How to Manage or Cancel The Sports Network (TSN) Streaming Subscription

TSN or The Sports Network is one of the best sources of sports content for Canadians that want to enjoy some engaging live games or sports talk shows and news. It serves as a perfect stop for all your sports needs, making it a top choice among users.

Unfortunately, the service isn’t perfect. Some users may find themselves unwilling to renew the subscription. This could be for many reasons, but if you’re among these users, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll show you how to successfully cancel a subscription to the service. 

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Managing & Cancelling The Sports Network Streaming Subscription Options

If you want to cancel your TSN subscription, there are a few ways to do it. Before that, some important information relating to cancellation should be known by you.

No Refunds

No Refunds. If you subscribe to The Sports Network, there’s no way to get all your money back through a refund. Instead, you’ll need to use the service for the rest of your subscription period and wait until it expires. Once cancelled, you won’t be credited with any money from your last payment.

Service Can Be Cancelled Through Bell Media

Cancellation through Bell Media is also possible. As the body behind TSN, Bell Media has the right to cancel your subscription due to their Terms and Conditions. In such scenarios, you’ll be given 30 days’ notice prior to any action being carried out on your account. For residents outside of Quebec, Labrador and Newfoundland, there is a law that stipulates a 60 days’ notice for users.

Ensure that you don’t violate the Terms and Conditions to avoid being forced to cancel in such manner.

How to Cancel your TSN or The Sports Network Live TV Subscription Account

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Cancelling your subscription with this service can be done by either calling a help line, sending a written notice or going through the TSN website.


If you want to cancel your TSN subscription with this help line, use the following contact details to do so: 1-833-TSN-HELP (876-4357). With this phone number, you can make a phone call and request to cancel successfully.

Written Notice

You can also use a written notice to cancel the TSN subscription. Simply send an email to the following address [email protected] and you’ll hopefully get a response soon. Be sure to include relevant information in your email, and give valid reasons for cancelling your subscription. If you can’t immediately find a reason, saying that you can’t afford it anymore will be enough.

Cancelling TSN Through Website

Going to TSN.Ca is one of the ways you can also cancel the subscription successfully. The website will require you to sign in and confirm your identity. Once you’re in, simply navigate your way through the options until you get to the cancellation screen. Be sure to confirm that your subscription is cancelled. They are likely to send an email that related to this.

The Sports Network is one of the best sources of sports content in Canada. However, cancelling it should still be a straightforward process if need be. This guide will hopefully serve as an easy way to save some money from cancelling.

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