How to Fix Plex App Live TV Streaming Not Working on Apple TV Devices

The Plex Live TV application is one of the most flexible ways to customize your streaming experience. If you’re an Apple TV user, it also enhances the smoothness of Apple TV with a bigger catalog of content for your viewing pleasure.

Sometimes, the Plex Live TV experience might not be so smooth on Apple TV and this could be due to issues with live channels on Plex. Many users have reported this type of problem, and this article will cover solutions to this.

How to Fix Plex Live TV Streaming Not Working Problem on Apple TV Devices

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Plex Live TV is a good app, but this problem with Apple TV devices is quite frustrating. Users experience streaming issues such as getting stuck on a spinning wheel, the Plex app keeps on stuttering or freezing, and other playback error with Apple AirPlay. People from Plex have indicated awareness of the certain issues and here are a few solutions we’ve got for you today.

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Numerous comments on the Plex Forum claim that the iOS player and Apple TV player are unable to play recorded episodes or broadcast live TV channels. While some impacted users allege that the Apple TV Plex client fails while watching Live TV and that restarting the streaming device or power cycling didn’t resolve the problem, When users try to stream a live TV station, an error message that reads “Recording Live TV-Session” appears.

The live TV recording symbol then flashes “Now playing,” but in reality, it is loading, and the screen returns to the channel list and guide after a brief blackout. Well, this specific problem appears following a recent update (Plex v8.6). Fortunately, Plex users can still play other stuff like movies, recordings, schedule live TV recordings, etc., so that’s at least positive.

Apply a Simple Workaround

To fix this issue temporarily, you should try this.

  1. Open the Plex Live TV App
  2. Go to your Settings
  3. Find your Video Quality options
  4. Select the option to Turn Off the ‘Auto Adjust Quality’ and ‘Use Old Video Player’ option

Reboot Your Plex Network

Restarting your Plex server seems like a solid option if you’re looking for a quick and efficient workaround. If you’re using it with your Apple TV device, note that restarting the connection will require you to sign out completely.

Troubleshooting & Fixing Live TV Streaming Issues with the Plex App

Disable your VPN Service

Using a VPN can have some unwanted results for your Plex Server, especially when you have it running in the background unknowingly.

If you do want to use a VPN with Plex, make sure that your chosen VPN is connected to a server located in your current region. For example, a US VPN server for a US Plex Server. This way, you can ensure that Live TV viewing options are only ever going to be directly related to your Plex viewership preferences.

Use a Premium VPN Service for Plex

If using a VPN server is unavoidable, at least avoid using the free services. Here are some of the widely used premium VPN services we recommend for streaming live TV content on Plex:

The Plex Live TV experience is something that is completely seamless for the most part. However, some bugs in the Apple TV compatibility have made it almost unusable. If you’re dealing with these inconveniences, don’t fret. Plex will release an amicable solution and communicate it to you via email.

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