How to Cancel your AMC Plus (+) Subscription Plan or Free Trial Account

AMC Plus gives you full access to TV shows and movies from AMC, IFC, Sundance TV, and BBC America. You can watch original TV series and trending movies that are available on Shudder, IFC Films Unlimited, and Sundance Now.

Check out ad-free streaming of The Walking Dead, Orphan Black, Mad Men, Soulmates, The Salisbury Poisonings, and Creepshow. You can also watch Riviera, Spy City, The North Water, Gangs of London, Deadwater Fell, and The Bureau.

To stream all the content on AMC+, you need to subscribe to the streaming service for $8.99 per month or $83.88 annually. AMC Plus is also available as an Apple TV Channel or Amazon Prime Video Channels add-on. You can also sign up for an AMC+ free trial account through The Roku Channel, Comcast Xfinity, or Sling TV. 

But, if things do not go your way with AMC Plus, and you feel like cutting the ties, you can always cancel your subscription plan at any time, regardless of the platform you used to subscribe to it. Some users choose to cancel their AMC+ membership subscription due to different reasons. It can be due to too many monthly subscription fees piling up or maybe an unsatisfied experience with the streaming platform. 

How to Cancel your AMC Plus Streaming Membership Subscription Plan or Free Trial Account


Whatever your reasons may be for canceling your AMC+ subscription plan or free trial account, you can easily do it. You can cancel your subscription membership plan on the account where you subscribe. For instance, if you subscribed to AMC Plus as an Amazon Prime Video Channel, you will need to cancel your plan via your Amazon Prime account.

Canceling AMC+ Subscription via Amazon Prime Video Channels

  • Launch Amazon on your browser and sign in to your account.
  • Click Account & Lists.
  • Select Your Account.
  • Go to Memberships and Subscriptions. You can also click here to go to the page directly.
  • Click Prime Video Channels.
  • Look for AMC Plus.
  • Click Cancel Channel.

How to Cancel AMC Plus Subscription via Apple TV

  • Launch the Settings menu of your Apple TV.
  • Navigate to Users and Accounts.
  • Select Subscriptions.
  • Choose AMC+.
  • Now, cancel your subscription.

Cancel or Close your AMC+ Subscription Account via Roku Channel

  • On your Roku remote, press the Home button.
  • Go to The Roku Channel and press the Star button on your remote.
  • Select Manage subscriptions.
  • Choose AMC Plus.
  • Select Cancel subscription.
  • Click Cancel subscription again.
  • Click Done.

How to Cancel AMC Plus Subscription via AMC Plus Website

Image credit by AMC+

Contact AMC Plus Customer Service to Cancel Subscription

If you are unable to cancel your subscription plan or free trial account via the AMC Plus website, you can contact customer service. On your browser, go to You can also call 888-562-4262.

Why do you want to cancel your AMC Plus subscription or free trial plan? You can share your story with us down below.

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  1. i cancled it on the ruku becuse i thought it was a monthy fee then found out that it was all at once a year then i went on amc+ and it said active and then they put the 59.88 on my upcoming acctions i think you all messed me over you will proble say that i did not go to your web sight to cancle but it said to go to my ruku player to do it

  2. I want to cancel my AMC plus but seem to be having trouble doing it. I am not happy with the set up of AMC plus. Someone please tell me how to cancel it .

    • Same thing with me. I don’t have a working computer, and one place told me because I signed up directly with AMC, I had to use a computer. Another site I tried always takes me to Roku. I don’t know what to do. Husband is pissed and I can’t seem to stop this. Help us, someone!

  3. Listen im not satisfied with AMC Plus and i want to cancel my free 7-day subscription. I just attempted to do so the AMC site where it was ordered. today is 10/04/2021…i started the trial on 10/02/2021. I read several complaints recently posted about attemping to cancel (I HOPE I DONT HAVE A PROBLEM SIMILAR)

  4. Yea having problems canceling. Cant get passed the home screen of shiws no access to your account. Signed in and paid and get get out.

  5. It doesn’t work. Initially it loaded on tv but now refuses to recognize email or password. No response for customer service or rather disservice. I cannot get into account to cancel.

  6. I cancelled because I bought their special bundle of $1.99 no of pay for a year. I could never get it to ply on my TV. After goggling for an hour, I came to the conclusion that I could only watch where I signed up for it. In this case my phone. Would not play on Apple TV and couldn’t get it to mirror either. It’s frustrating to not have a help number, even if it’s to tell you yes-give up! It was a too good of deal to be true!

  7. I just signed up tonight directly through amcplus, not another service, and paid the annual fee. Then we discovered we can’t access anything through our TV, AppleTV or Amazon subscriptions without paying again. This is useless to us. I tried to cancel through the site to get a refund. There is no refund option. This subscription offer through amcplus directly is a scam.

  8. I got it through Direct TV. I’m thinking of cancelling because my Samsung Smart TV doesn’t have an app, and it’s a nightmare finding out how to watch what I want to watch, or if what I want to watch is on AMC plus. I contacted AMC plus, and I can’t use their app because I subscribed through Direct tv. I think I can cancel by calling Direct TV. I would like to keep it, but it’s turning out to be impossible to manage. Bummer.

  9. Yeah I have been trying to cancel for two days and it won’t allow me to I’ve tried every way. I’m not happy that they are trying to trap people into something they don’t want.

  10. No link to cancel at any of the places amc+ sends you, this is a rip off! Can’t reach anyone, the website doesn’t let you complete the process!

  11. They make it virtually impossible to cancel the 7-day subscription. When you sign-in you can not access your account even through settings. The customer service number gives a message that there is no phone support. It then hangs up on you. Neither of these avenues provide any help: or [email protected]. I tried to email the second one and the gmail app said to “remove the following address”. This verges on scam.

  12. I want ro cancel my AMC subscription. I’ve tried several times to do so to no avail and you have charged my debit account. I’m not happy with your application.


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