How to Fix BT TV or EE TV Box Error Code yvm102 or yvm104

Encountering error codes yvm102 and yvm104 on your BT TV (now EE TV) Box can lead to interruptions in your entertainment experience. Nevertheless, these codes are simply indicators of potential connection issues or difficulty loading a specific service on your box.

This article provides an in-depth, step-by-step guide for troubleshooting and resolving these errors.

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Resolve EE TV Error Code YVM102 – Lost Broadband Connection

Solution #1 – Examine Your Internet Connection

Certainly, before delving deeper, it’s important to determine if your internet is properly functioning. You can quickly inspect the connection by walking through Wi-Fi or Ethernet settings on any device with internet access, like a smartphone or laptop.

If your device fails to establish a successful connection, you might be dealing with a bigger internet outage, and it’s time to get in touch with your broadband provider.

Solution #2 – Ensure Your EE TV Box Connects to the Internet

Whether you’re using wireless or wired Internet, it’s essential to conduct a quick check to see if your box is connected.

  • For wired connections, start by opening the Menu and moving forward to ‘Settings,’ which is usually found via the cog in the top corner of your screen.
  • From there, select ‘Broadband Connection’.
  • If your box is marked as “disconnected,” go for the ‘Edit Connection’ option and then ‘Auto Connect.’

Solution #3 – Assess Your Cable and Powerline Adapters Connections

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Now, it’s time to get closer to your setup. Ensure your TV box and router have secure connections. Depending on your setup, you might have either a direct Ethernet link or powerline adapters in use.

  • For the direct Ethernet cable, make sure it’s securely connected to the port and the router’s LAN port as well. Disconnect and reconnect it to be on the safe side.
  • For powerline adapters, there should be two units plugged in – one close to your YouView box and the other near your router. Check both are turned on, and the Ethernet cables are properly connected.

Solution #4 – Reboot Your Router and EE TV Box

Sometimes, the old-fashioned approach of simply restarting your devices can solve the issue. Give your router about two minutes to warm up after rebooting before checking if the connection is restored.

Troubleshoot EE TV Error Code YVM104 – Service Unavailable

Method #1 – Confirm Internet Connectivity

Much like troubleshooting the yvm102 error, the first step to fixing the yvm104 error is verifying the internet connection using a separate device.

Method #2 – Reboot Your EE TV Box

Another step similar to the above strategy is restarting your BT box. This old-school methodology often proves successful in resolving seemingly complex technical problems. Press and hold the power key for about 8 seconds for this.

Method #3 – Check Your Cable Connections

Once again, this step involves checking your Ethernet cable or powerline adapters. Make sure all connections are secured and in their respective ports.

Method #4 – Inspect Your EE TV Box’s Internet Connection

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Use the instructions provided under the yvm102 error troubleshooting section to confirm your box’s connectivity to the internet.

Method #5 – Reset Your Router

Lastly, the routing device might need a good soft reset. Switch it off and back on, waiting enough for it to warm up and hopefully resolve the error.

While encountering error codes yvm102 or yvm104 on your BT TV Box can be an inconvenience, understanding their meaning and knowing how to properly troubleshoot these issues can help.

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