How to Fix Amazon Prime Video Membership Payment Declined or Failed Issue

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video will give you access to thousands of classic movies and original titles exclusively for Prime members. If you want to make the most out of your Amazon Prime subscription plan, including music streaming, Prime gaming, Amazon Prime Video subscription, and more, Amazon lets you subscribe to Amazon Prime for $12.99 per month. Subscribing to Amazon Prime Videos membership only costs $8.99 per month.

As you continue to renew your recurring subscription every month, there are times when you encounter an error with your Amazon Prime Video account payment method. Sometimes, you see your payment failed or getting declined type of problems. For some users, the payment failed but the money has been deducted or the transaction order placed. It can cause a surge of worry on your part as it could hamper your streaming privileges.

What Causes Payment Failed or Getting Declined Problem on your Amazon Prime Video Account

One of the common reasons for declined or failed payments on Amazon Prime Video is an expired payment method used. Your credit card or your other current payment option may be no longer active, there might be some revision with your bank account information, or your account has been put on hold by the issuer. Sometimes, the details you provide are incorrect or invalid such as your name or card number. If that’s the case, all you have to do is verify your payment details and change or update the information when necessary.

For other users, they failed to update their payment method details, which caused a conflict between the bank and Amazon Prime. It is also possible that the system of your bank is down and cannot process any transaction at the moment.

How to Resolve Amazon Prime Video Membership Plan Payment Method Declined Error

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While facing such an issue can cause huge concern, there are also ways you can do to resolve it. Here’s how to troubleshoot issues with your account payment method settings on Amazon Prime Video.

Check your Payment Settings on Amazon Prime

First, you may want to check your payment details on Amazon Prime Video. You will need to double-check the payment information that Amazon Prime stored in their system and revise the details if needed.

  • Go to your Amazon Prime account page on any web browser on your computer or mobile device.
  • Select Your Payments.
  • Look for your payment method and check the details provided.
  • Click the Edit button to change any information.

Retry your Payment Method on Amazon Prime Video

  • Open your Amazon Prime account page.
  • Scroll down and look for the Memberships and subscriptions option.
  • Select Subscribe & Save.
  • Go to your Amazon Prime Video subscription.
  • Click the Retry Payment Method button.

Try a Different Payment Method

  • Click here to navigate to the Memberships and subscriptions option on your Amazon Prime account.
  • Go to Subscribe & Save.
  • Select your Amazon Prime Video subscription.
  • Choose Change Payment Method.
  • Select a different payment method or enter your new payment method.
  • Click the Confirm button.

Contact your Bank

If you still encounter the payment declined issue on Amazon Prime Video, you will need to contact the bank that issues your credit card. You will need to provide all necessary information on your Amazon Prime Video subscription. Ask the reason for the payment decline issue and possible solution that might emanate from them.

What did you do to fix the Amazon Prime Video payment failed or declined error with your membership account renewal? We are curious to know what worked for you, so do drop us a comment below.

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  1. I am at the end of my tether. I have contacted my bank and Amazon and they are both saying the issue lies with the other one. I have deleted and re added my payment card twice, no luck. My payment card has not changed, I have purchased from it from Amazon with ordered goods, no issues but it still showing an exclamation mark ❗️ next to it on the tv when it comes up as my default payment so doesn’t allow me to use it but I can use it on my phone. The bank has authorised my subscription only yesterday but I still am not able to deject my payment card because of this ❗️. Explained this to Amazon and they gave no resolve. Stumped 🤔

  2. Same problem. I have updated my card info three times. It works to place an order from Amazon but not for my Prime Subscription. I have checked with my bank and the Amazon Prime Renewal is not even being sent to them. Amazon Customer Service can’t figure out what is wrong either. This all started when the subscription renewal had the option for “monthly” or “annually” and now it seems it just doesn’t work.

  3. Same issue – doesn’t work. They don’t know how to fix it and all blame each other – they have no solution. Funny thing is I can buy stuff though it’s only Prime failing.

  4. Subscribed to Amazon prime video it gave me 30 days free then stopped as my payment was declined contacted bank and Amazon both blaming each other so now no prime video at not knowing what to do


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