How to Fix Philo App Keeps Logging Out & Other Sign in Issues on Apple TV

The first time you switch on your Apple TV, you’ll need to sign into a streaming app, like Philo TV, from your smart TV to start viewing content on the device. How can you fix the problem if you can’t log in or if your Apple TV constantly requests your Apple ID, login information, or password when accessing the Philo TV app?

Possible Reasons Behind Sign-in Issues with Philo App on Apple TV Device

  • When someone tries to hack your Apple ID by trying different passwords, a sign-in problem arises.
  • When Apple TV constantly signing you out, the issue may be caused by out-of-date firmware or a failed two-factor authentication attempt.
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Best and Easy Solutions to Fix Philo TV App Keeps Logging Out & Other Sign-in Issues on Apple TV

When it comes to account security, passwords and logins can be a blessing, but they can also be a curse when issues arise. It is quite difficult to use Apple TV if you are unable to log into the application with your current information or it keeps logging you out after closing the app. Signing in is necessary to watch Philo movies and TV shows on your smart TV through Apple TV. You can uncover the particular Apple TV sign in issue related to the Philo app you’re having as well as find a fix by continuing to read below.

Check your Philo streaming account credentials

First, double-check the information associated with your streaming account on Philo or your Apple credentials. Think back to when you last updated your Apple ID and password. It’s possible that you changed your Apple ID password a while ago on another Apple device and are now trying to sign in using the old password. If you’ve changed your Apple TV password but still remember it, you can log in with that.

Change the password for your Apple ID

If you have forgotten the password to your Apple ID, a few options are available.

  • To change your password on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or iPod touch, open the Settings app and go to [your name] > Password & Security.
  • It will require you to enter the passcode or PIN for your Apple product.
  • It is the simplest option if you have many Apple devices already connected to your account. 

Alternatively, you can reset your Apple ID password using a recovery phone number or email by visiting the official Apple ID page and following the procedures to send a recovery link to your dependable email address after responding to the security questions you pre-set.

Turn off two-factor authentication

While two-factor authentication protects your account from hacking, it occasionally interferes with signing into newer devices. Consider temporarily turning off two-factor authentication for your Apple ID, login into your Apple TV, and then turning it back on once you’re done.

Reset Apple TV device to default factory settings

If all other efforts fail, your Apple TV must be factory reset to resolve the login problem with the Philo app, which is most likely software-related. Make sure you are plugged into a trustworthy power source before completing a factory reset on your Apple TV because power surges can damage your device during this process.

  • Go to Settings > General Reset > Reset all settings on your Apple TV to do a factory reset.
  • After a little while, you ought to be able to log into your now-bug-free Apple TV.

Wrapping it up

One thing you have to remember always is never to forget to log out of your Apple TV app on all your devices to prevent other people from accessing your account without your permission.

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