How to Get BBC iPlayer App with 4K UHD Support on PS5 Console

BBC offers some of the best TV shows and movies in the UK, and with its iPlayer app, you can stream any content on more than 15,000 devices. Now, it is coming to Sony PlayStation 5 game console and it comes with 4K UHD support.

The BBC iPlayer streaming app is already available on PS4. However, since the launch of PS5, the app was not part of the Apps section. Recently, BBC expanded its iPlayer reach to PS5 owners alongside other latest gaming consoles like Xbox Series X and S.

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UK owners can access their favorite British television shows or films and stream them via their PlayStation 5 video game console. They can watch on-demand titles as well as live TV at any time they want. The iPlayer app also features offline streaming, so you can download any content you want for offline viewing in the future.

Some of the best TV series and shows you can watch on the BBC iPlayer app are Ridley Road, What We Do in the Shadows, Showtrial, Doctor Who: Flux, Silent Witness, and The Pursuit of Love. You can also stream titles like Keeping Faith, Line of Duty, Paris Police 1900, Vigil, Ordeal by Innocence, and The Pale Horse.

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How to Download & Install BBC iPlayer App with 4K UHD Support on PlayStation 5 Gaming Console

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Adding the BBC iPlayer app to your Sony PlayStation 5 app library will give you the option to watch your TV shows in 4K and HDR. The app includes 4K UHD support, so if it is available, you can elevate your streaming experience. However, the app is still on its old user interface.

  • To get the BBC iPlayer app on your Sony PlayStation 5 console, go to the homepage screen on PS5.
  • Navigate to the Media tab.
  • On the All Apps section, look for the BBC iPlayer app. You can also use the Search button.
  • Select the BBC iPlayer app to download and install it to add to your app’s library.

The BBC iPlayer app is one of the many applications you can download and install on your PS5 right now. You can also get Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney Plus, Pluto TV, BT Sports, and more to expand your streaming reach.

Did you get the BBC iPlayer app on your new PS5? How was your experience? We value your opinion, so please write one for us below.

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