BT & EE Customers Get BBC Bitesize with Free Data Charges

Education is important even amid a pandemic. Kids must continue with their education despite limited resources. As part of its Lockdown Learning support scheme, BT is in partnership with the BBC to give customers access to free educational content this month of January.

The agreement between BT and BBC indicates that customers will have a zero-rating experience with BBC Bitesize. This means that customers of BT can access the contents in BBC Bitesize without using their data allowance.

What is BBC Bitesize?

Credit: BBC

BBC Bitesize offers interactive and educational content. There will be lessons in different curriculum subjects that will aid and support teachers, parents, and students. Users can access content for primary and secondary pupils.

As face-to-face learning is not available due to the lockdown, students are studying online. It creates a huge adjustment not just to the students but to the teachers and parents as well. With the help of BBC Bitesize, there will be additional resources for students to use.

How to Get Zero-Rating on BBC Bitesize Content for BT and EE Users

Credit: BT

Zero-rating means that users can access online content free from mobile data charges. Even if they ran out of data allowance, they could still watch and browse the learning resources online. Users can check out contents on the BBC Bitesize website, as well as videos on iPlayer, and the Bitesize App.

There is no registration needed to avail of the BBC Bitesize zero-rating on BT network. It will automatically apply to the BBC website and app. It also extends to EE, Plusnet Mobile, and BT Mobile clients. The zero-rating is available until the end of the month.

BBC and BT EE remove mobile data charges for BBC Bitesize educational content
Credit: EE

Aside from the zero-rating on BBC Bitesize, BT is also giving out free WiFi vouchers to selected schools and organizations to give to families who do not have an Internet connection.

What do you think of BT’s free of mobile data charges offer on BBC Bitesize educational content? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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