How to Set up & Make HomePod as Default Audio Speaker on Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K takes you to a whole new streaming experience with 4K ultra high-definition (UHD) video quality display. You will enjoy watching more vivid pictures in your movies and TV shows. If you have a HomePod or HomePod Mini smart speaker, you can also connect and pair it with your Apple TV 4K set-top box for an augmented and cinematic audio experience when streaming movies at home.

Apple HomePods give you surround sound for a home theater. You will enjoy the immersive Dolby Atmosphere audio that will take your streaming to a higher experience. HomePod allows a multiroom audio setup with Stereo Pair capability. You can even use HomePod with Siri for sending Intercom messages and control playback on Apple TV.

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With both Apple devices at home, you can change your settings and use HomePod speakers as the default audio output receiver on your Apple TV streaming media player. Unfortunately, it only works with an Apple TV 4K and not on older Apple TV models.

How to Set up HomePod and Make it as your Default Audio Output Speaker on Apple TV 4K

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To get started, you will need an Apple TV 4K, a HomePod or two HomePod minis, and the Apple Home app. If you don’t have the Home app on your iPhone or iPad, you can download and install the iOS app by going to the AppStore.

Setting up and connecting your HomePod on your Home app must be on your iPhone or iPad device. You cannot do it using your Mac.

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  • First, check if your HomePod and your Apple TV 4K are in the same room in your Home app.
  • Launch the Home app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • On the upper left corner, tap the Home icon.
  • Go to the room where you need both devices.
  • Check if you see them there.
  • If not, you will need to add them first.
  • Tap the Plus icon on the upper right side.
  • Select Add accessory.
  • Move your iPhone or iPod to your HomePod and Apple TV 4K to add them. You may scan the 8-digit code or QR code on your HomePod document.
  • You will see the device added to your smartphone. Tap it.
  • Tap Allow if asked to add the accessory.
  • Tap the Gear icon on the lower right side.
  • Tap Room.
  • Choose the Room where you want to set it up.
  • After you added both HomePod and Apple TV 4K in one room, you will be asked if you want to use HomePod as an Apple TV speaker. Tap Use.
  • Tap Done to exit.
How to Connect HomePod or HomePod Mini smart speaker to Apple TV 4K Streaming Player
HomePod & HomePod Mini Smart Speakers/Apple (Buy at Walmart)

That’s it! You can verify if HomePod smart speaker is now your default audio output device by going to the Video and Audio settings of your Apple TV 4K streamer. If you are having any problem and can’t change or set HomePod as default speaker in Apple TV, make sure that you are running iOS 14.2 or later on HomePod and tvOS 14.2 or later on Apple TV.

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We’d love to hear your thoughts on your experience connecting up HomePod in your Apple TV 4K. You can let us know by writing us a comment below.

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