Fix YouTube Taking Over Apple TV & Android TV Screensaver Displays

You can't disable YouTube screensaver feature but here's a workaround to this issue.

Is YouTube hijacking your Apple TV or Android TV device screen saver display? A lot of people complained online on how YouTube’s new screensaver has dominated their TVs, overriding what’s supposed to be the primary role of their TV’s screensavers.

This year, YouTube released an update including a slideshow each time you pause a video, put the YouTube app in idle or the video ends. The slideshow has a YouTube video, with static white text and a “Press up to play” message. While it’s cool of YouTube to create a screensaver, not many people love the idea of keeping their TV on for a long time. There is the potential issue of burn-in on your device.

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Unfortunately, YouTube does not offer an alternative when it comes to its screensaver. There is no option to disable it. What you can do is to quit the app when you are done streaming or just turn off your TV and set top box.

Workaround for Youtube Hijacking your Screensaver Issue

However still, there is a workaround you can do to prevent YouTube from showing its screensaver. Since YouTube’s screensaver appears after 4-5 minutes of inactivity, you can overrule its automatic activation by setting your TV’s screensaver to an earlier start.

For instance, try setting your Apple TV’s screensaver to 3 minutes. You can visit the Settings menu and head over to General and Screen Saver. But, for Android TV, you may need to check with your device as it depends on each TV option.

Eddie Mendoza
Eddie Mendoza
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