Get Disney+, Hulu & Max Package in One Streaming Subscription Plan

Enjoy 3 of the best platforms in one streaming bundle come summer 2024!

Disney+ is giving you subscription bundles that will elevate your streaming into the next level. With Hulu integration with Disney Plus, users enjoy a wider selection of movies and TV shows. Then comes the Disney+ with HUlu and ESPN Plus. Live sports are part of everyday bingeing.

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Now, the streaming giant is teaming up with another leader in the industry to bring in more entertainment to its subscribers. Disney+ with Hulu is collaborating with Max (HBO Max) this summer of 2024.

The new streaming bundle will include ad-supported subscriptions and ad-free plans. Unfortunately, the price of each package is yet to be announced. Currently, the Disney bundle with Hulu and ESPN+ is at $14.99 per month on the basic tier and $24.99 per month for premium.

On the side note, Warner Bros. Discovery plans a price hike for Max later this year. There is no mention of the new prices for Max subscription but its ad-supported plan is at $9.99 per month while the ad-free option is at $15.99 and $19.99 monthly.

Aileen Grace M
Aileen Grace M
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