How to Get Free 6 Months Disney Plus Subscription from Verizon

Disney is soon increasing yet again its Disney+ monthly subscription. Instead of $6.99 per month, users will pay $7.99 per month starting on August 18, 2021. But, Verizon is offering a deal that will make it easier on you and your wallet. Existing and new eligible subscribers to select Unlimited plans on Verizon can enjoy six months of free Disney Plus subscription.

Unfortunately, Verizon announced that the 1-year Disney+ free subscription promotion with selected Unlimited plans or the 5G Home Internet service is no longer available. However, you can still get free access to Disney Plus, but for up to 6 months only.

Eligible Verizon Unlimited Plans for the 6 Months Disney+ Subscription Free Trial

To avail of the six months free-trial subscription on Disney Plus, you must sign up for the following Unlimited Plans on Verizon:

  • Get More Unlimited (subscription signed up must be on or after August 20, 2020)
  • Play More Unlimited (subscription signed up must be on or after August 20, 2020)
  • Do More Unlimited
  • Start Unlimited

Learn more about each of these Verizon Unlimited Plans here!

To be eligible for this offer, you need to sign up on Disney Plus before midnight on August 19, 2021. Make sure that you wait for your Verizon plan to become active before signing up on Disney+. Otherwise, it will incur you charges.

Note that if you already availed of the 12 months free Disney+ on Verizon before, you are no longer eligible to avail of the free six-month subscription. The Disney+ offer with Verizon 5G Home Internet is also no longer available as of this writing.

How to Sign Up and Get the Verizon Disney Plus Bundle Deal

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There are two ways to sign up for the Disney Plus free trial bundle with Verizon Unlimited plans. You can use the My Verizon app or go through the official Verizon website.

HAVEN’T SIGNED UP YET? Get your 6-Month Free Trial on Disney+ from Verizon here!

Signing Up on My Verizon App

  • Launch My Verizon app.
  • At the bottom, tap the More icon.
  • Select Add-ons & Apps.
  • If you are using an Android device, go to the Entertainment section and select View All. On Disney+, tap Learn more. Tap Get it now.
  • If you are using an Apple device, go to the Entertainment tab and select Learn more under Disney+. Tap Enroll.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Tap Validate.
  • Tap Close.
  • Check the Accept terms and conditions box.
  • Tap Confirm.
  • Tap Go to Disney.

Signing Up on My Verizon Website

  • On your browser, go to
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Go to Account.
  • Select Add-ons & Apps.
  • Click Add-ons & apps overview.
  • Go to the Entertainment section.
  • Under Disney+, click Learn More.
  • Click Get it now.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Click Check email.
  • Click Close.
  • Check the Accept terms and conditions box.
  • Click Enroll in Disney+.
  • Click Go to Disney.

Are you subscribing for a new Verizon Unlimited plan to get the free 6-month subscription on Disney+? We would love to know what you think. Kindly write to us below.

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