How to Stream Nest Security Cameras on TV with Google Chromecast

Knowing what is going on around your house can help prevent unwanted entry and help for your peace of mind. That is why it helps to have security cameras installed at home and outdoors for your protection and safety. You can monitor and see what is happening in other parts of your house when you are in your bedroom or the living room.

Security cameras and modern CCTV monitoring system like Google Nest Security Cam and Nest Doorbell connect to your mobile device or computer to give you a real-time video access of their location. You can view them at any time you want using your smart speaker or TV which can be useful in keeping your house more secure.

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Now, you can check your security camera footage and live videos from Google Nest Cam and Doorbell front door video cameras on a bigger screen! With Google Chromecast, all you have to do is ask Google to show your camera video on your smart TV.

Google enables its users to watch their security video feeds on any smart TV as long as a Google Chromecast streaming media player connects to it. But, only selected Nest cams can stream CCTV videos on your Chromecast device. If you have all these devices at home, checking your security camera videos is just one Google command away.

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How to Watch Nest Cam or Doorbell Videos on TV & Stream Them Live using Google Chromecast Device

To start streaming your Google Nest Cam or Doorbell footage on your TV, press and hold your Google Assistant button and say the following command: “Hey Google, show (name of your camera) on (name of your TV)”. You can do it via Google Assistant on your mobile device or Next smart display.

To stop showing the camera feed, just say, “Hey Google, stop (name of your TV).” You can also press the Home button on your voice remote.

Complete List of Google Next Doorbell or Nest Cam Streaming on Google Chromecast

Note that you can use any generation of Chromecast to stream your Nest Cam footage. But, only selected Nest Cam or Doorbell is compatible with Chromecast with Google TV.

List of Google Nest Doorbell or Cam Streaming only with a Chromecast with Google TV

  • Nest Cal (battery, either indoor or outdoor)
  • Nest Cam (wired, indoor)
  • Nest Cam with Floodlights
  • Nest Doorbell battery

Other Google Nest Cam or Doorbell Streaming with Any Generation of Google Chromecast

  • Nest Cam 1st generation (indoor)
  • Nest Cam IQ (indoor, outdoor – discontinued)
  • Nest Doorbell (wired)

How was your Google Nest security camera live video footage streaming experience with your Chromecast device? We value your opinion, so drop us one in the comment section below.

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