Users Might Get Paramount+ Films and TV Shows on Max App

Two heads are better than one, they say – in this case, contents from two streaming services are so much better streamed in one app.

That is how Paramount Plus is seeing its possible partnership with other streaming services. As the company continues to look into a possible merger, there is a report that it will be partnering with Warner Bros. Discovery. Paramount Global and Warner Bros. Discovery is talking about joining forces, but both have been keeping mum on the matters as of now.

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If such reports materialize sooner, users will enjoy much wider content especially on sports programming, as both services have leverage on the niche. It will create a huge advantage to millions of their subscribers. Right now, Paramount+ has over 71 million subscribers while Max (formerly HBO Max) has nearly 100 million subscribers.

In addition, the merger will also benefit Paramount Plus since it is now directing to the south with hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. Nevertheless, it will do good for both companies due to the more compelling reasons provided for their customers to stay in their subscription. It also creates a better competition to other giant streaming services such as Disney and Netflix.

While nothing has yet been announced, we can just hope for the best in the said partnership and dream of an excellent content package for the subscribers.

Aileen Grace M
Aileen Grace M
A film buff and lover of feel-good movies, Aileen Grace loves helping fellow cinephiles overcome troubles and common hurdles when bingeing shows. She’s a Marketing Major with a degree in Business Administration and a knack for writing poems and short stories. She’s using her prowess as a prolific writer to provide straightforward guides among the confusing solutions found online.



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