Max Now Offers DVR for Live Sporting Events Streamed on TNT, TruTV or TBS

Watch & re-watch live sports through B/R Sports on Max DVR feature.

Missing a day watching live sports only to find out that there are critical moments from your favorite team? Before you blow a fuse, Max has something interesting to offer.

Missing out on some of the best live sports competition will no longer be an option for Max subscribers as the giant streaming service offers a perfect way to replay games. Yes, Max (formerly HBO Max) now integrates DVR recording features for live sporting events.

Image credit by Warner Bros. Discovery

This new and efficient tool enables users to save live sports TV shows when you watch them on TruTV, TNT and TBS channels. So, if you are stuck at work, in a meeting, or traveling, your Max DVR option will save the key game moments for you.

Max has been rolling out new additions to make its interface more user-friendly. The DVR feature complements in-app sports schedule, so sports fans will always be on track with the game schedules. Plus, you can enjoy the perks of streaming live sports in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos while saving the game for future replays.

Check out Max DVR feature on the HBO Max website, on your Max Android mobile app, or through a Google Chromecast device.  Let’s just hope more devices will incorporate such cool features in their system soon.

Enjoy Max DVR for free as part of the B/R Sports add-on while it lasts.

Aileen Grace M
Aileen Grace M
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