List of Compatible Devices to Use your Amazon Kids+ Subscription

Giving our children the best of everything is one of the many goals each parent has in mind. We want to supplement our kids with things that will make their lives better. That is one reason why Amazon is launching a more improved kids feature for its users with the new Amazon Kids and Kids+, your children will get the utmost quality when it comes to content.

Amazon Kids and Kids+ is a new name for Amazon FreeTime and FreeTime Unlimited. If you have been using Amazon FreeTime and FreeTime Unlimited, you know that there are parental control features that you can use to create a safe but fun place for your children. With Amazon Kids and Kids+, Amazon is bringing in changes that will enhance the feature.

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Amazon Kids and Kids+ offer thousands of books, games, movies, and other educational content specifically ideal for children. Parents will have peace of mind knowing that their kids are taking in information suitable for their young minds.

But, what is the difference between Amazon Kids and Amazon Kids+? Amazon Kids+ has everything Amazon Kids offer. However, Amazon Kids+ is a subscription based service plan with fixed monthly fees, while the latter is not. You also get access to more premium content and various curated titles compared to Amazon Kids.

With Amazon Kids+, there are no ads when your children listen to radio stations or open the apps. There are no in-app purchases allowed by default that comes with the account but the feature is permissible and can be controlled via the Parent Dashboard settings.

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What are the Compatible & Supported Devices to Use Amazon Kids and your Kids+ Subscription?

Does Amazon Kids+ work on multiple devices? Does it support a Samsung tablet or other Android mobile phones? Can kids watch their content on a smart TV?

Well, if you want to use sign up and use an Amazon Kids+ subscription for your children, you can get started on various compatible devices. Both Amazon Kids and Amazon Kids+ are supported on Android, iOS, or Chrome OS. You can use these features and enjoy your content via the Amazon Kids+ app. Just download it through the AppStore or Google Play Store and install on your preffered device.

Parents can also use Amazon Kids or Kids+ on Amazon Fire Tablets and Fire TV. You can also access it on your Alexa devices such as Amazon Echo or use your Kindle e-Reader device to get your content.

Here’s a quick list of these supported devices:

  • Android mobile phones & tablets
  • iPhones & iPads
  • Chromebooks
  • Amazon Fire Tablets
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Alexa-enabled Echo devices
  • Kindle e-Readers

The Amazon Kids+ subscription starts at $2.99 per month if you are a Prime member. For non-Prime customers, you can avail of the plan starting at $4.99 monthly fee.

What do you think of Amazon Kids and Kids+? We value your opinion, so please drop one for us below.

Sign up for Amazon Kids+ 1 month free trial subscription here!

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