How to Fix Your Account Can’t Be Used In This Location Netflix Error

Netflix is getting bigger and better by the day as the streaming platform is now available to more than 190 countries across the globe. It means that no matter where you are in the world, you can enjoy watching all Netflix original shows and movies, and other all-time favorites.

However, it’s been noted that a few errors on Netflix often interrupt users’ viewing experience. One particular error that many users have encountered is the error ‘Your account can’t be used in this location.’ The error message often indicates that there is an issue with your Netflix account.

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How to Troubleshoot Netflix Error Your Account Can’t Be Used In This Location

Fortunately, there are ways to resolve the Netflix error message, ‘Your account can’t be used in this location.’ Try any of the following fixes so you can return to your Netflix and chill routine.

Use a VPN to Change your Current Netflix Region

You can consider using a VPN to change your current region on Netflix. This one comes in handy if you want to log in to your account on Netflix while traveling to another country.

A VPN will let you update your IP address to something that will match your destination country. This simple tweak will allow you to access your Netflix account without getting interrupted by an error message prompt.

Check out some of the VPN services you can use.

Check IP Address and Update when Needed

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Another simple way to eliminate the ‘Your account can’t be used in this location’ error in Netflix is to check and update your IP address if needed. A proxy server or a trustworthy VPN service can help you tweak your IP address if it doesn’t match the particular country where you’re attempting to access your Netflix account.

Disable your VPN Server Temporarily

While the first two tips above recommend the use of a VPN, there are also instances when the VPN itself is the reason why you are getting the error message. If you’re currently using VPN and this error message pops up, disable it first before you attempt to re-access your Netflix account.

But if the message continues to pop up even after disabling VPN, it could be that the fact that you’re using VPN has made Netflix decide to block your account.

Opt for a Smart DNS Service

You might also be able to circumvent Netflix’s regional restrictions using a smart DNS service so you can access content unavailable in your location or country. These services redirect DNS queries using a server in another country. This will let you watch any content not available in your area. 

Always Choose a Trusted VPN Service

If you access your Netflix account with a VPN service, see to it that you only choose a reputable one that can bypass the geoblocking feature of the streaming platform. There are now many VPN services on the market so make sure you do your research to reach the best decision.

Reach Out to Netflix Customer Support

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Seek help from Netflix customer support if you still have the same problem even after you tried the above tips. The team can solve your problem using certain solutions or they can even update your account details if necessary.

These are just some of the steps you can try to fix ‘Your account can’t be used in this location’ error in Netflix. You can try one of these solutions or combine all of them to determine which will work for your situation.

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