DirecTV Stream Users Might Get Multiple Profiles Feature Soon

Create and manage different streaming profiles for each user on your account with this new feature.

Creating multiple profiles has become an attractive offer to many subscribers as it enables them to set up and personalize different accounts with their loved ones. Unfortunately, DirecTV Stream users do not have such luxury in their existing plans.

Many streaming services already integrated multiple profiles into their subscription plans as a way to lure clients into signing up. But, while DirecTV Stream remains to be in the higher-priced category, how come they do not allow users to create user profiles?

Image credit by DirecTV

Great news! DirecTV is now trying to roll out support for multiple profiles for DirecTV Stream. No confirmation is made yet as to when it will go live on DirecTV Stream app, but some users verify its availability for beta testing. There is even an icon where users can create and select a profile. DirecTV also notes cross-platform support as coming very soon.

It is good news to all DirecTV Stream users but should be expected to be limited only to Gemini/Osprey devices. Still, it is great to anticipate the possibility to add more profiles into your account and personalize content and DVR recordings in every profile.

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