How to Fix DirecTV Diagnostic Code 41-520, 86-445 or 41-988

Experiencing issues with your DirecTV satellite TV service? Error codes on your receiver often indicate a specific problem that you can troubleshoot yourself.

Here we’ll cover what three common DirecTV error codes mean and how to try fixing them.

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Best Ways to Fix DirecTV Diagnostic Code 41-520

Error code 41-520 points to a possible issue with signal strength from the satellite dish. This could be caused by dish alignment problems or cabling faults.

Weak signal strength is one of the most common reasons for error 41-520. Here are some troubleshooting steps to try:

Check the DirecTV Satellite Dish Alignment

Make sure your satellite dish is aimed correctly at the DirecTV satellites. Even a slight misalignment can degrade the signal. You may need a professional installation/realignment if you can’t get a strong enough signal.

Inspect the LNB and Cabling on DirecTV Satellite Dish

The LNB (low-noise block) at the end of the dish arm converts the satellite signals into a format the receiver can use. Damaged cables or a faulty LNB could cause signal issues.

Check Signal Strength on DirecTV

  • Go to “Menu” > “Settings” > “Satellite.”
  • Select “View Signal Strength.”
  • The 101 satellite should show at least 80% on most transponders. Under 70% indicates a weak signal.

Try Rebooting the Receiver

Press the red reset button inside the access card door or unplug the receiver for 15 seconds. This may temporarily resolve intermittent issues.

Verify Cable Connections on DirecTV Satellite Dish

Make sure all coaxial cables are securely connected at the dish, LNB, and receiver. Try disconnecting and reconnecting them.

If you still see error 41-520 after trying these steps, contact DirecTV support for further troubleshooting. A technician visit may be needed to realign or replace any faulty equipment.

Resolving Methods for DirecTV Diagnostic Code 86-445

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Error code 86-445 is not a specific error described in DirecTV’s support documentation. Without more details on the exact message, it’s hard to pinpoint what could be causing this error code.

Here are some general troubleshooting tips if you encounter 86-445:

Restart the Receiver

Press the red reset button or power cycle the receiver by disconnecting it for 15 seconds. This can clear temporary glitches.

Check all Cabling on DirecTV Satellite Dish

  • Inspect cables between the dish, LNB, and receiver.
  • Reseat connections or swap out any damaged cables.

Refresh your DirecTV Service

Sign into your account online and refresh your receiver from the settings. This syncs your service.

Update DirecTV Receiver Software

Make sure your receiver has the latest software.

  • Go to “Menu” > “Settings” > “Info & Test.”
  • Select “Run System Test” to update.

Call DirecTV Customer Support

If the error persists, contact their tech support team. Provide the full error message and any troubleshooting steps you performed.

Without more specific information on 86-445, your best bet is trying general connectivity troubleshooting then contacting DirecTV if that doesn’t resolve it.

Troubleshooting Tips for DirecTV Diagnostic Code 41-988

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Like error 86-445, 41-988 is not a documented DirecTV error code. The 988 sequence points to a hardware or connectivity problem. Here are some steps to try:

Power cycle the DirecTV Receiver

Press the red reset button or disconnect power for 15 seconds. This reboots the system and often fixes intermittent issues.

Inspect all Cabling on on DirecTV Satellite Dish

Check that coaxial cables from the dish/LNB to the receiver are in good shape and securely connected.

Check Signal Strength

Access the signal meter under “Menu” > “Settings” > “Satellite” and verify you have strong signals, especially for 101 satellite.

Refresh your DirecTV Service

Sign into your account and refresh your receiver. This syncs your subscription.

Update DirecTV Receiver Software

Make sure you have the latest version through “Menu” > “Settings” > Info & Test” > “Run System Test.”

If error 41-988 persists after trying these troubleshooting tips, contact DirecTV support. Give them the full error message and explain what steps you performed. They can then provide specialized troubleshooting or schedule a technician.

When to Call DirecTV Customer Support

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For any persistent DirecTV error code, your best bet is to contact their support team for assistance:

Phone: 1-800-531-5000


The DirecTV tech support team can walk you through advanced troubleshooting, signal tests, or determining if a professional technician visit is required. For unfamiliar errors like 86-445 and 41-988, calling them right away is your fastest path to resolving the problem.

DirecTV support can also clarify exactly what error message you’re getting if you don’t know the specific code. Describing the issue and providing any details displayed on-screen will help them identify the problem.

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