Fix DirecTV Stream Guide Not Opening or No Longer Triggered with Down Arrow on Roku

Has this happened to you – you go to open your DirecTV Stream channel guide on your Roku device using the down arrow on your remote control but nothing happens? The guide used to reliably pop open with a simple press of the down arrow but now it seems unresponsive. You’re not alone; many other DirecTV Stream subscribers using Roku smart TV or streaming media player have reported this annoying issue. 

In this guide, we’ll walk through some troubleshooting steps you can try to get your DirecTV Stream guide feature working again and be triggered with the down arrow on your Roku remote.

Solutions to Workaround DirecTV Stream Guide Feature Not Opening or No Longer Triggered with Down Arrow on Roku Remote Issue

Image credit by DirecTV

Use the Back Button as a Workaround

If pressing the down arrow no longer opens your DirecTV Stream program guide, the Back button can provide a temporary workaround. Here’s what to do:

  • On your Roku remote, press the Back button. It will show you to the previous menu screen.
  • From there, press the Guide button. This should open up the channel guide.

It’s a bit more cumbersome than simply using the down arrow but at least this gives you access to the guide until the main issue is resolved.

Image credit by Roku

Check Your DirecTV Stream App Version

Some users on DirecTV’s support forum have pinpointed the issue appearing after updating to DirecTV Stream app build 3750102, version 3.34. 

While it’s usually best to keep apps updated for bug fixes and new features, in this case the update seems to have introduced a regression.

If you recently updated and then found the down arrow no longer worked, this could very well be the culprit. Unfortunately, downgrading apps is not possible on most platforms.

However, if you’re fully updated and still experience the issue, contact DirecTV Stream support. They may have additional troubleshooting or a potential fix available.

Wait for the Upcoming Official Fix

According to several user reports, DirecTV is aware of the Roku down arrow guide issue. They’ve assured customers a fix has already been developed and they’re working on rolling it out.

To receive the fix, you just need to sit tight. Once available, it should automatically resolve the problem through a DirecTV Stream app update. 

That’s why it’s a good idea to ensure auto-updating is enabled. This way, as soon as the corrected app version hits your device, the down arrow guide triggering will be restored.

Contact DirecTV Support

If you’ve tried the steps above without success, contact DirecTV Stream customer support. Explain the issue with the down arrow not bringing up the guide on your Roku device.

The support reps can assist with further troubleshooting or request an urgent fix for your account if the incoming patch is delayed.

They may also provide credits for the inconvenience if the issue persists and cannot be resolved on your end.

Consider Switching Roku Devices

As a last resort, switching to a different physical Roku player or stick could resolve DirecTV Stream issues if they’re tied to your specific device.

Perhaps an aging, slower model can no longer smoothly run the DirecTV app. Or there may be some defect causing software incompatibilities.

Test your DirecTV account on another, newer Roku – borrow from a friend if possible. See if the down arrow triggers the guide properly. 

If so, just purchase a replacement Roku assuming your current one is faulty. Transfer over apps and settings using your Roku account.

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