Fix Xfinity Stream App Error TVAPP-00287 on Roku Device

Redeem lost time bingeing your favorite shows on Xfinity Stream app with this guide.

Getting the error code TVAPP-00287 on Roku smart TV or streaming media player has not only been my problem but also to a lot of Xfinity Stream app users. I keep on getting the same error code even when I tried doing the basic troubleshooting.

There are instances where some users see the error message “Video cannot be played.” Of course, nothing happens and everything stops on the Xfinity Stream app when the problem occurs.

How Do I Fix the Xfinity Stream App Error Code TVAPP-00287 on my Roku TV or Streaming Player?

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Some users say that a simple reset works for them. However, not in all cases. Others continue to perform various solutions to no avail.

So, whether it works for you or not, these methods might help in fixing the error code on your part.

Tip #1 – Reboot your Devices

Turn off all your devices first for a few seconds then restart them. A quick reboot will refresh all the processes and may help solve the issue.

Tip #2 – Clear the Xfinity Stream App Cookies and Cache

  • First, go to the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Navigate to Apps and look for Xfinity Stream.
  • Select Storage.
  • Choose Clear Cache.

Tip #3 – Reboot your Modem

This works for several users. All you have to do is unplug your router or modem for a few seconds. Then, plug it again and reconnect. While you unplug your modem, you can also do a quick reboot of your devices simultaneously.

Tip #4 – Update your Xfinity Stream App

According to several people, the problem started after an update on the Xfinity Stream app. Comcast may have released another update, which may help fix the error. Try to install the new version.

Tip #5 – Run a Test on your Xfinity Account

One user stated a solution that helped fix the problem.

  • First, go to your Xfinity account app.
  • Look for the link that says, “Having issues? Run a test.”
  • Just wait for the process to finish. It will show updates on your connection as well as a list of connected devices to your router.
  • After the process, unplug your Xfinity router for at least 1 minute and plug it back again.

Tip #6 – Report to Xfinity Support

Go to and file a report concerning the error. 


It is frustrating for me to encounter error codes on my Xfinity Stream app as it disrupts my streaming on Roku. But, giving up will only prevent me from enjoying my favorite shows. If nothing happens, all we have to do is wait for Comcact to fix the issue by themselves.

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