How to Cancel your MGM+ Subscription Plan or Free Trial Account

MGM+ is a streaming service formerly known as EPIX. The service was acquired by Amazon and now it sports an expansive library of movies and TV shows to watch. If you’re subscribed to it, you’re probably already familiar with the content available.

Now, as an MGM Plus subscriber, this guide exists to help you unsubscribe or cancel your premium subscription free trial plan or streaming account fully. That’s right, once you follow the steps included here, you’ll be able to avoid any recurring payment charges. This also applies to multi-month billing plans. We’ve also included what you should do if you’d like to get a refund.

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Our guide covers the steps in cancelling or unsubscribing your MGM Plus account for different MGM+ supported and compatible devices. So, here’s what you need to do on each one.

How to Cancel or Quit MGM+ Membership Plan on Android Devices

  1. Open the Google Play Store app while signed in to your account
  2. Tap on Menu and select your Subscriptions
  3. Choose the subscription that you wish to cancel. In this case, MGM+
  4. Tap Cancel subscription
  5. Follow the instructions for final steps
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How to Unsubscribe or Delete your MGM Plus Subscription on iOS or iPadOS (iPhone or iPad)

  1. Go to your Settings app on your device
  2. Tap your name or Apple ID
  3. Select your Subscriptions
  4. Find MGM+ from this list
  5. Choose to Cancel your subscription or Turn Off Automatic Renewal to avoid being charged in the next cycle

How to End or Close MGM+ Free Trial or Existing Subscription through Amazon Account

  1. Go to the Amazon app store subscriptions link and sign into your Amazon account
  2. Find MGM+ within your list of subscriptions and choose to turn off auto-renewal

How to Cancel & Manage MGM Plus on Roku

  1. Go to the page and sign in to your Roku account associated with the MGM+ subscription
  2. Now choose to Manage Your Subscriptions
  3. Select MGM+ from the list and choose to Unsubscribe

Cancelling or Unsubscribing your MGM Plus Account using Apple TV Devices

Apple TV allows you to unsubscribe from MGM Plus as well. You can do this if you’re signed in to your account.

  1. Go to Settings and select Accounts
  2. Choose your user profile
  3. Under Subscriptions, select the option to Manage Subscriptions
  4. Go to MGM+ and choose the option to Cancel Subscription

Cancel MGM Plus Streaming Plan on a Windows PC

As a PC user, MGM Plus can only be unsubscribed from through the iTunes desktop app.

  1. Open iTunes
  2. Go to the menu bar and select Account, choose View My Account
  3. Enter your password and choose View Account
  4. Scroll to your Settings and choose Manage
  5. Go to MGM+ and select Edit
  6. Choose to Cancel Subscription

How Can I Get a Refund for MGM+ Subscription?

How Can I Get a Refund for MGM+ Subscription
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When you have an account that is billed for MGM+, you can contact the MGM Plus support team if you wish to collect a refund after being charged. If your subscription is handled through an app store, you can cancel it by going to your app store’s customer support and enquiring about their refund policy.

Can I Get a Refund for a Multi-Month Subscription Plan on MGM Plus?

You can cancel a multi-month payment plan any time, and you won’t be charged at the end of the billing cycle. At the same time, you’ll still have full access to the service until the end of your cycle. You won’t receive a refund even if there are multiple months left in the plan.

There you have it! Everything here should help you with stopping the MGM+ Subscription experience whenever you want.

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