How to Fix DirecTV Error Code 622, 617, 618 or 619 Connection Issues

DirecTV promises to provide the nation with a satisfactory service for watching entertainment, breaking and local news, the weather, and other things at home on the large screen. Improving your viewing experience should be the result of it. However, there are certain downsides if it doesn’t. It would not be able to perform at its peak. 

You may occasionally notice a message or an error code on your television screen anytime DirecTV gives you a problem. There is a list of issues you could face. You can resolve it if you know what each DirecTV error number means. Consider conducting a system test or resetting your Genie receiver if experiencing wireless connectivity problems.

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Meanwhile, if you see error codes 622, 617, 618 and 619 and your video connection lost while watching TV shows, we’re here to break it down and find a solution for you.

Possible Reasons for the Error Code 622, 617, 618 or 619 on DirecTV

  • Your DirecTV receiver has lost its video connection.
  • It could also mean that your main Genie receiver and your DIRECTV equipment aren’t connected.
  • Your wireless video bridge is improperly linked to your Genie DVR.
  • A power outage occurred, or the wireless video bridge was rebooting.
  • You may change your video bridge, but even though it is no longer in your house, it still appears in the Genie DVR menu.
  • Your Genie DVR was changed.

How to Troubleshoot & Fix DirecTV Error Code 622, 617, 618 or 619 Video Connection Lost Issues

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You can resolve the DirecTV problem in various ways, including rebooting your receiver. To begin troubleshooting 622, 617, 618 and 619 error code on your device, follow the instructions on your TV, which may include the following:

  • Ensure that the cords connecting your Genie Mini-receiver are tightly secured.
  • Verify that all wires are inserted into your devices and power outlets securely.
  • Press and quickly let go of the red button on your central Genie receiver to restart receivers. (Warning: This will cause a brief pause in your service.)
  • You can reset your Genie Mini-receiver by pressing the red reset button.
  • Unplug your SMW (Single Wire Multiswitch) for a couple of hours. 
  • If you are tech-savvy, look for an apparent problem in the coaxial cable that connects the splitter to the receiver. A defective splitter, crushed cable pieces, or corrosion on the coaxial cable’s conductor could be the blame.

Take note also that order is crucial when using the splitters. Make sure that the PI (the rectangular black box), which you plugged into the splitter’s first port when you reconnected the Genie and SWM Power Inserter (PI), works (the one with the red line going from the input to the output).

The other receivers matter less once the PI is in the splitter’s first port. Maybe a tech would be best to move the box downstairs. Unless the tech moves to where the Swim Power inserter needs to be, the Swim would need to remain upstairs.

Consider using a C61, C51, or C61K 4K client as a wired client and a C41W or C61W client as a wireless client. Everything before that is regarded as technically “older” and less effective.

Contact Customer Support for Further Troubleshooting Help

However, if you cannot resolve your issues, your best course of action is to get help from customer support. Call DTV service and wait for their technician to arrive and fix your television’s problem. Television is a massive part of our lives, and we use this for entertainment and informational purposes.

Hopefully, this article provided easy fixes to get back your DirecTV connection.

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