Fix Amazon Fire TV Does Not Open Link with Unsupported Browser Link Error

Having an Amazon Fire TV at home will allow you more activities than just streaming your favorite TV shows or movies. You can play games, watch photos, or browse the Internet.

Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick has a dedicated web browser called Amazon Silk, where you can browse the Internet on the big screen TV. But, you can also install other web browsers like Opera, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.

How to Fix Amazon Fire TV Does Not Open Browser Links Error
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Unfortunately, there have been issues with browser links on Amazon Fire TV. Some users encounter the following error message,

“Unsupported Browser Link. Amazon Fire TV does not open browser links. Try opening the URL in the web browser on another device.”

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There are various troubleshooting tips that you can try to resolve and fix the browser problem if you are unable to open links on your Amazon Fire TV and Firestick devices. Check out the solutions below to learn more.

Perform a Power Cycle Method on your Amazon Fire TV

  • First, turn off your Amazon Fire TV and unplug it from the power cord.
  • Unplug your router and mode.
  • Wait for at least 3 minutes.
  • Now, plug in all your devices.
  • Connect to the Internet and turn on your Amazon Fire TV.
  • Try to open the browser links again and check if it works.

Install and Use a Different Web Browser

Try to open the browser links on a different browser. If you only have Amazon Silk, you need to install other browsers.

  • Go to the Amazon Store.
  • Click the Find button.
  • On the Search bar, enter the browser that you want to install.
  • Click the Download button.
  • Click Open.

Clear the Browser Cache and Data

  • Navigate to the Settings section of your Amazon Fire TV.
  • Go to Apps & Games.
  • Choose Amazon Application Settings.
  • Select Silk Browser.
  • Head over to Privacy.
  • Click Clear browsing data.
  • Check the boxes next to the cache.
  • Select Clear Data.

Use Downloader App

You can use the Downloader app to open browser links. But, you need to install it on your Fire TV first.

  • Go to the Appstore.
  • Enter Downloader on the Search bar.
  • Choose the Downloader app and Install it.
  • Once done, launch the Downloader app and open the browser links there.

Do you have other solutions that can help resolve the Amazon Fire TV error? We would love to know more methods, so please share them below.

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