How to Fix AT&T DirecTV Error Code 771 Signal Loss on Some Channels

Subscribing to AT&T DirecTV allows you not only to watch local TV channels you usually get on cable services but also to access premium channels that you don’t normally watch. It gives you more options while watching TV, giving you more benefits from your monthly subscription.

Since DirecTV broadcasts channels and contents to its subscribers through satellite transmissions, there may be times when you encounter a loss of signal on certain local channels when streaming. You will see the error code 771 with the message, “771 – Searching for Satellite Signal” or “771-Signal loss on Satellite ln 2. Press SELECT for solutions.”

How to Troubleshoot and Fix AT&T DirecTV Channels Streaming Error Code 771 Signal Loss

Now, it takes you back to the days when there is an interruption of signal when you are watching TV. In some cases, users experience the 771 signal loss issue or some local channels are not working when there is bad weather or obstruction to your satellite signal. Still, these problems can be resolve with a few tricks, just like the old days.

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How to Troubleshoot & Fix AT&T DirecTV Channels Streaming Error Code 771 Signal Loss

How you resolve the AT&T DirecTV error code 771 depends on the reason why you are having the issue in the first place. Sometimes, you may know immediately the cause of the error, while in some cases, it will take a few trials and errors on your part to finally figure it out and find a fix for it.

If there is bad weather in your area, you may want to check for server outages in your city. It can be that there is no signal transmission being made from DirecTV to your area because of the severe weather. What you can do is check their website, official social media channels, or blogs for updates of a possible service outage.

You can also try to check via DownDetector if the server is down or not. But, a practical thing to do is wait until the bad weather subsides and see if the service comes back. It also helps if you send a signal to your satellite dish by pressing the Up button twice and pressing the Down button twice.

Check Your DirecTV Hardware

There may be something blocking your DirecTV satellite dish on your roof, which interferes with the signal. But, never try to climb the roof and fix it yourself. You can schedule a service call for the technicians to check your satellite dish for you.

You can also check your cables. Make sure to secure the Satellite-In or SAT-IN cable in your receiver. It is where your satellite dish transmits the signal to your receiver. You may want to unplug it for a few seconds and plug it back in securely.

Your DirecTV cable also has the Single Wire Multiswitch or SWM power inserter. You can try to unplug it for a few seconds to refresh or reset it. Then, plug it back in.

Reset your DirecTV Receiver Device

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If the signal does not seem to come back, you can also try to reset the DirecTV receiver.

  • On your receiver, press the small red button. You can find it near the small front panel. If you cannot press it, use a paperclip.
  • The restart process will begin.
  • Wait for the DirecTV logo to appear and until you can get a signal again.

You can try following the methods indicated above to help fix the error code 771 that affects your DirecTV signal on some channels. If none works, it is best to report your problem to the AT&T DirecTV customer support. Click here to get started!

Did any of the solutions above work for you? Which one did? You can share your experience with us below.

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