How to Deal with Netflix Unrecognized/Unauthorized Charges

Seeing a charge on your bank statement from Netflix that just doesn’t look right can certainly be frustrating. You start wondering “did I really agree to pay for this?”

These kinds of unauthorized or unrecognized subscriptions are a super common issue nowadays. With so many online accounts, it’s just too easy to lose track of what you’re paying for sometimes.

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Fixing Netflix Unrecognized or Unauthorized Charges

When mysterious Netflix fees show up out of the blue, it can really add up fast. The good thing is you can get to the bottom of the situation if you know the right steps to take.

Here’s a handy guide on what to do when you notice weird charges from Netflix popping up on your accounts.

Method #1 – Take a Close Look at the Charge to Confirm it’s From Netflix

When you spot a strange charge, first things first – make totally sure it is actually from Netflix. Charges from Netflix will generally show up as either “” or just plain “Netflix” on your credit card or bank statement. But it never hurts to double check that the company name listed matches up with Netflix.

Look closely at all the charges from the past month and make sure there’s nothing funny going on with similar names from companies you don’t recognize, which could potentially indicate fraud. If the Netflix charge checks out, it’s time to do some deeper investigating.

Method #2 – Ask Around Your Household if Anyone Knows About the Charge

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If you share your Netflix account with others in your home, it’s possible another person signed up for a new subscription or upgraded to a pricier streaming package without your knowledge.

You might want to ask around to see if anyone in your household knows anything about the mysterious transaction. Sometimes a family member makes a change to the Netflix account without telling others who share the bill – mystery solved!

However, if no one owns up to the charge, you’ll have to keep on sleuthing.

Method #3 – Check Your Email for Any Netflix Account Notifications

Time to do some digital detective work. Sign into the email account associated with the Netflix billing information. Carefully go through all emails from Netflix over the past month. Look for any notifications regarding new account activity.

Specifically watch out for sign-up confirmation emails, receipts for subscription changes, or notices about added user profiles. And be sure to check your spam folder too, just in case.

If you uncover a confirmation email that explains the billing change, the case is likely closed. But if your inbox comes up dry, your next stop should be Netflix customer service.

Method #4 – Reach Out to Netflix Customer Service

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At this point, you’ve: checked the source of the charge, asked your family members, and hunted down emails with no success. Now is the time to contact Netflix customer service by phone or online chat to investigate further.

Calmly explain you noticed an unrecognized charge on your account from Netflix. The customer service rep can then walk through your account details to hopefully pinpoint the source of the charge.

In Conclusion

You’ll probably need to provide info like your email, name on the account, credit card details, etc. Hold off on immediately canceling the subscription – just focus on figuring out what that charge was for.

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