Fix Google & YouTube Search History Showing Searches & Things I Didn’t Do or Watch

You’ve seen searches on your Google and YouTube account that you didn’t perform and things you didn’t watch. If you are not connected to any Google services, Google does not keep track of your browsing activity or search history.

Even if you disable this feature, Google will still record every search you make and associate each one with your IP address. It’s important to keep them in mind going forward with this article.

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Reasons for Google Search History Showing up Searches Users Didn’t Do

Shared devices

The first and most prevalent explanation is the use of shared devices. Sharing a device means that everyone who uses it will have their search YouTube or Google history reflected in what they see.

Someone must have previously used your device to access their Gmail without properly signing out. It also reveals the person’s device search history. But there could be other causes if you know that nobody else is using your devices or has in the past.

Google account synchronization

Check to see if your Google account is synchronized with another person. We frequently forget to synchronize our Google accounts with some of our friends or relatives. In such circumstances, your Google Search History will also contain all their search history. Yes, your search results may appear in someone else’s search history even when you simply used their computer to check your emails.


Although it hasn’t been verified, a Chrome extension may produce misleading Google search results. Some toolbars and extensions open hidden pages and adverts alongside the website you are currently on, and these pages and ads may show up in your search results.

Reasons for YouTube Search History Showing Searches Users Didn’t Perform or Watch

Like Google, YouTube history may also display videos you have never seen or watched yourself, with similar causes. Someone is logging in with your login information, you have shared your Google account with a family member or friend, or you’ve linked several Google accounts to your device.

  • TV might be another factor for YouTube. Every video viewed on that Smart TV, whether at home or in a hotel, will be recorded in your YouTube history if you have ever signed in to it.
  • Additionally, if your YouTube account has autoplay enabled, some videos will play as soon as you open the YouTube app. Additionally, these videos will show up in the YouTube history records.

How to Fix Searches I Didn’t Do Showing Up in My Google & YouTube Account History?

Here are some ideas to consider if Google and YouTube account history lists searches or videos you haven’t performed or viewed.

Use secure passwords

Choosing a strong password is always advised to protect your online privacy and security. Keep your login information private, and use several accounts for each website.

Sign out more than one account 

Perhaps you may have added a Google account on your device and promptly forgot about it. To check how many accounts have you added to your device thus far, do these:

  • Click on your profile image in the top right corner of when it is open on your computer.
  • You can view all the added Google accounts here.
  • Here, you can delete any accounts you no longer want to use or sign out of every account at once.

Reverse Sync

You can leave the Sync on if no one else is using your devices, but it’s preferable to switch it off if any family member or friend is using them. Google Chrome browser stores your passwords, bookmarks, browsing and search history, and other preferences to your synced devices, which is quite useful – but only if you use those devices exclusively.

Were you able to eliminate the items you didn’t do from your Google and YouTube search history? What did you do to fix the issue on your Google account? We’d love to hear from, so please leave us a comment down below.

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