How to Fix Kanopy DRM Protection or DRM-Protected Video Content Error

If you have trouble playing videos on Kanopy, there may be something wrong, like a DRM Protection playback error. Issues on Kanopy may result in unable to see the video or hear any audio.

A DRM protection error indicates that you are trying to play Kanopy titles on incompatible devices. Films that you watched on Kanopy are under Digital Rights Management or DRM. It protects content and only allows the playing of videos on authorized devices or operating systems. The DRM protection issue appears when you use devices not compatible with Kanopy or its copyright limitations.

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Kanopy is a streaming platform that offers independent films, documentaries, classic titles, foreign movies, and more. It is accessible and free to users who are current members of public libraries with library cards or students enrolled in an accredited university. You can stream more than 30,000 titles that feature culture and social values.

How to Fix the DRM Protection Problem on Devices Not Compatible with Kanopy Streaming Service

If you encounter the DRM-protected content error on Kanopy, you are likely using an incompatible device. You may be using an unsupported browser, app version, or external monitors. It can also be a geo-restriction issue or problems with your WiFi Internet network connectivity.

Whatever the case may be, you can try each of these troubleshooting methods to pinpoint the culprit and fix or bypass the issue right away.

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Check If your Device is Compatible with Kanopy

Here is a list of supported web browser versions for desktop and laptop computers as well as mobile devices to stream Kanopy:

  • Safari – version 8 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox – version 47 and above
  • Google Chrome – version 75 and above
  • Opera – version 52 and above
  • Internet Explorer – version 11 
  • Microsoft Edge – version 12 and above

You can launch Kanopy on Windows 10 and above or Mac OS 10.9.x. Mavericks and above operating systems.

Update your Kanopy App

Image credit by Kanopy
  • Launch the App Store of your device.
  • Search for Kanopy or go to the Apps section and look for Kanopy.
  • Install available updates.

Enable Protected Content

For Mozilla Firefox users, you can enable the protected content by going to about:preferences on your browser. Look for Play DRM-controlled content and enable it. Then, go to about:addons. Look for Widevine and enable it.

For Google Chrome users, navigate to chrome://settings/content. Look for Protected Content and enable it.

Check your WiFi Internet Network Signal

To stream content on Kanopy, you need to have at least 5 Mbps for the network signal. Do a speed test to verify your Internet connection. Improve your network signal by power cycling your devices or elevating your router. You can also bypass the router and connect to your modem directly via an HDMI cable. If you still have a weak network connection, contact your ISP to report your issue.

Check your External Monitor & Cables

You need to use an HDCP-compliant cord and screen display to watch films on Kanopy. Use HDMI and DVI, and not VGA cables.

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It is also possible that the content you want to stream is not available in your region or country.

Have you tried following the methods above? What worked for you in fixing the DRM-protected video content issue on Kanopy? We would love to know more, so please write to us in the comment section below.

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