How to Fix Netflix Error Code tvq-st-146, tvq-st-142 or tvq-st-1

It wasn’t too long ago when Netflix disrupted the world of video rentals. Today, the streaming service has become a staple part of almost everyone’s day-to-day life, that is until it suddenly stops working.

Just like any other streaming platform out there, Netflix isn’t flawless. Ask any user and they will surely tell you how annoying error codes on Netflix can get.

Why Do Netflix Error Codes tvq-st-146, tvq-st-142, or tvq-st-1 Show Up
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Imagine this: you’re in the middle of binging your favorite series and all of a sudden, the error code tvq-st-146, tvq-st-142, or tvq-st-1 pops out of nowhere. How frustrating, right?

Why Do Netflix Error Codes tvq-st-146, tvq-st-142, or tvq-st-1 Show Up?

Having error codes can easily disrupt your watching experience, and worse, they often happen all of a sudden without any signs or symptoms at all. You’ll probably assume that it was because of something you did. But rest assured that it isn’t your fault.

These errors often happen because you need to refresh the data stored on the device you’re using. It can also be the result of a network issue that stops the service from loading.

Best Solutions to Resolve Netflix Error Code tvq-st-146, tvq-st-142 or tvq-st-1

To finally ease away your worries, here are the simple steps you need to follow to get rid of these error codes:

Steps to Troubleshoot Netflix Error Codes tvq-st-146, tvq-st-142 or tvq-st-1 on Your PlayStation 4

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If you’re using PlayStation 4 and you see the error codes tvq-st-146, tvq-st-142, or tvq-st-1, the best thing you can do is restart the device. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Remove the plug of your PlayStation 4 from the power source.
  2. Press once on the power button of your device and then wait for one minute. You can also leave your device unplugged for up to 3 minutes.
  3. Plug back in your PlayStation 4.
  4. Turn on your device and open Netflix again to see if the error code is gone.

Ways to Fix Netflix Error Codes tvq-st-146, tvq-st-142 or tvq-st-1 on Your Roku Stick or Roku TV

If you’re a Roku Stick or Roku TV user, fixing these error codes is simpler. All you have to do is choose the Try Again option from the error screen and then launch Netflix again. 

Solutions to Resolve Netflix Error Codes tvq-st-146, tvq-st-142 or tvq-st-1 on Your Set-top Box 

Just like with your PlayStation 4, fixing the error codes on your set-top box also requires a simple restart of your device. Simply follow the steps above for the restart as it’s just the same. 

Methods to Resolve Netflix Error Codes tvq-st-146, tvq-st-142 or tvq-st-1 on Your Smart TV

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If you’re watching Netflix on your smart TV when these error codes showed up, there are two things you can do to remove them. First is to check your internet connection. You have to make sure that there’s no issue with your network. You can also restart the network and open Netflix again afterward. But if there’s something wrong with your connection even after a restart, make sure you get in touch with your internet service provider and inform them of the problem. 

How to Troubleshoot Netflix Error Codes tvq-st-146, tvq-st-142 or tvq-st-1 on Your Streaming Media Player 

Restart your streaming media player and check if the error code is gone. 

Netflix error codes tvq-st-146, tvq-st-142 or tvq-st-1 can be very bothersome especially when you’re having fun with watching your favorite show or movie. Try the simple fixes above and say goodbye to these error codes once and for all!

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