Roku Now Requires Mandatory Two-Factor Authentication on All Accounts

How Does the New 2FA Policy Work on your Roku Account?

Subsequent to the recent breach on thousands of user accounts, Roku is now trying to strengthen its fortress. It mandates the two-factor authentication (2FA) on all users, whether or not affected by the hack.

Around 15,363 users were first affected by the online breach last March this year. While Roku maintained a safety procedure following the incident, a second hack occurred just recently, affecting around 576,000 accounts. This sums up to more than 591,000 Roku users affected by major breaches this year.

Roku’s Major Hack Incident

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There are more than 80 million active user accounts signed up on Roku, creating a minor percentage of affected users in the two incidents. With the 591,000 accounts hacked, less than 400 cases were reported to have unauthorized purchases on hardware products or service subscriptions.

According to Roku, no sensitive data was accessed by the hackers including full credit card numbers. It was a case of credential stuffing, where attackers steal the same username and password used by customers on their Roku account and other sites, as well as password spraying, a tactic to try common passwords to users until reaching authentication.

How Does the New 2FA Policy Work on Roku?

Photo credit by Roku

Each time you login to your Roku account online, you will need to check the verification link from the email address connected to your account. Click the link for you to sign in successfully.

Extra Tips to Safeguard your Roku Account and Prevent Online Hacking

Having a strong and unique password is one way to safeguard your account from potential hacking. Roku suggests a mix of at least eight characters with numbers, symbols, uppercase and lowercase letters.

Call to actions must be avoided on any suspicious communications posing as coming from Roku. This includes requests to share your login details, updating your payment information or clicking on links.

Wrapping Up

Keeping your accounts well-protected will prevent the chances of getting hacked online. Updating your passwords regularly and being well-informed on security practices are recommended. Always stay safe!

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