How to Fix Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor Flickering with G-Sync or FreeSync On

Imagine yourself playing your favorite game on your Xiaomi curved gaming monitor and all of a sudden, it starts flickering. Annoying, right?

Although it’s common for monitors to flicker once they are worn or old, it might not always be the case.

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Even the latest panels, including your beloved Xiaomi monitor, can become a victim of this frustrating screen artifact, which can exponentially reduce the general picture quality and immersion.

Since monitor flickering issues may come in different forms, shapes, and levels, it can get a bit tricky to diagnose them. If the flickering problem happens to occur when the G-Sync or FreeSync is turned on, it’s important to learn how to get it fixed.

Ways to Resolve Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor Flickering Issue with G-Sync On

Download the G-Sync Pendulum Demo

One user seemed to have discovered what works, and that is to download the G-Sync Pendulum Demo for testing. The demo test won’t work properly if the windowed G-Sync is enabled in the Nvidia Control Panel.

This can result in a flickering issue although it might be a bit difficult to notice on the grey test pattern background. You can enable the control panel full screen but only in the demo test.

The same user noticed that additional testing in the demo FPS slider which is above 132Hz G-sync begins having performance issues. Aside from this, the lowest before G-Sync starts having poor performance is 38Hz although there is also a strange transition in brightness that occurs in less than 55Gz.

Enable Gsync for Full Screen

The best way to ensure that G-sync works properly at more than 132Hz is only when the framerate has been locked with no dipping while VSync has been enabled on top. Enabling VSync can cause some problems in the demo test for the rest of the variable FPS rate.

But the information on Blurbusters stated that VSync must be used together with Gsync, and the user’s test in the game doesn’t show any issue so he thinks that the demo is the one at fault for VSync.

It means that if you want to fix the flickering issue on your Xiaomi curved gaming monitor, make sure that Gsync is only enabled for full screen. Avoid using borderless windows, turn on VSync in the global control panel, and lock the max FPS in games to 132 for the GSync to work properly.

If you’re playing a game that is very light and can remain locked at any single rate of more than 132, you can also try going higher for this game. The user also expressed being interested in knowing if the cable that comes with the package is also a limiting factor here for the upper range limit.

Turn on Windowed Support on Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor

Image credit by Xiaomi

One more tip from the user is that if the windowed support is disabled and you press Alt + Tab, you will go back to the G-Sync-enabled full-screen app, with the G-Sync disabled in the test demo. Turning on the windowed support and going back to the app will enable G-Sync again.

However, the test pattern will continue showing stuttering and flickering issues. But it seems that it just affects the game because there are no issues in the game itself.

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