Fix BBC iPlayer Flickering with Black Flashes when Streaming on Chromecast with Google TV Device

The well-known streaming service BBC iPlayer enables users to view their preferred TV episodes and films. Chromecast and Google TV are among the platforms providing access. Flickering and dark flashes have, however, been a problem for some users while watching BBC iPlayer content on a Chromecast with Google TV device.

Do not worry if you are one of such users. Explore multiple methods to address this black flashing and static screen glitch on iPlayer streaming app for Chromecast with Google TV. This blog post will provide a thorough examination of these techniques.

How to Fix BBC iPlayer Flickering with Black Flashes when Streaming Shows on Chromecast with Google TV Device

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Check For Updates on BBC iPlayer App or Chromecast Device

Checking for updates is the first course of action to take. Ensure that the BBC iPlayer app and your Chromecast with Google TV device are both updated to the newest versions. If one or both of these are out-of-date, streaming may experience problems

  1. Go to Settings, choose System, and then choose System update to see whether your Chromecast with Google TV device has any updates. 
  2. Install any updates that are available. 
  3. Open the BBC iPlayer app and search for any available updates to check for updates. 

Any defects or problems that were the root of the flickering issue can be resolved by installing the updates.

Sideloading the App Could Be an Option

If the problem still exists, it can be because of the BBC iPlayer app version you are using. According to certain users, the problem is that Chromecast HD does not support BBC iPlayer version 0.4.7-dev. In this situation, you can try sideloading BBC iPlayer for Android TV version 0.4.7-dev to resolve the problem. Sideloading is the term for installing an app from an unofficial source. You must download the program’s APK file and install it on your Chromecast with Google TV device in order to sideload the app.

Restart your Device

You can try resetting your Chromecast with Google TV streaming player if none of the previously mentioned fixes work. After disconnecting the appliance and allowing it to cool, reconnect it. Try streaming BBC iPlayer once more to check if the problem has been fixed when the device has been restarted. Occasionally, restarting your device will resolve any transient issues or malfunctions that were the issue.

Check your WiFi Internet Network Connection for Problems

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A poor internet connection may also be the root of the flickering problem. Verify that your home’s devices can readily connect to the internet and that your Wi-Fi is dependable. Consider moving your router closer to your Chromecast with Google TV device or installing a WiFi booster if your Wi-Fi signal is weak. Investigate whether other devices in your home are monopolizing the bandwidth. During streaming, this may result in buffering and other problems.

In conclusion, you can attempt the remedies listed above if you experience flickering and black flashes when streaming BBC iPlayer on Chromecast with Google TV. The problem may be resolved by checking for updates, sideloading the program, rebooting your device, and testing your internet connection. You can stream on BBC iPlayer without interruption by using these solutions. You can get more help from BBC iPlayer support if the issue continues.

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