How to Download, Install & Get ITVX App on Samsung, LG or Sony Smart TV

Streaming services are now widely used to view movies, TV shows, and other content in the modern entertainment industry. One of the newest streaming services, ITVX, provides a selection of programming from several networks, including the most well-liked TV episodes and films. 

On Smart TVs from well-known manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and Sony Bravia, ITVX can be accessed. We will go over how to download, install, and access the ITVX app on various Smart TVs in this article.

Downloading & Installing ITVX App on Samsung Smart TVs

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Follow these simple tasks to download the streaming app and get to introduce ITVX on your Samsung Smart TV device.

  1. Utilizing the on-screen console, open the application store on your Brilliant television and quest for ITVX.
  2. Go there and choose the app once it appears in the search results.
  3. Click the Install button located on the app’s description screen.
  4. ITVX will automatically download and install on your Samsung Smart TV in the next two minutes or so.
  5. Now, you can access ITVX on LG Smart TVs

How to Download & Install ITVX App on LG Smart TV Device

  1. From the webOS Home screen, launch the ITVX application.
  2. In the left-hand menu, scroll to the Settings icon, click it, then select Sign in.
  3. Continue by signing in on a different device.
  4. You’ll receive a pairing code for the sign-in process on the next screen.
  5. Now, you can access ITVX on Sony Smart TVs

How to Get ITVX App & Stream Content on Sony Bravia Smart TV

  1. Inside the ITVX app, select Settings on the sidebar.
  2. Choose Location from the options menu now.
  3. To update the location, click it.
  4. After completing this, try reopening the ITVX App.

Connecting Your TV to Your ITVX Account

You can go to the ITVX website and follow the instructions to pair your Connected TV with your ITVX streaming account. You can access your watchlist and preferences across all of your devices, including your Smart TV, by pairing your account.

ITVX Access on 2020 LG Models

By clicking the home button on your remote and navigating until you find the web browser on a 2020 LG model, you can access ITVX. You can then access the content by going to the ITVX website and signing up.

Getting to Know More About ITVX


Visit the ITVX app’s page on the Google Play Store to find out more about the features and content it offers. There, you may read user testimonials and gain a better understanding of what to anticipate from the service.

ITVX is a well-known streaming service with a wide selection of material from many networks. By using the straightforward procedures described in this article, you can download, install, and access ITVX on a Samsung, LG, or Sony Smart TV. 

You may access your watchlist and settings on all of your devices by connecting your Connected TV to your ITVX account. To get familiar with the elements and content presented by ITVX, you can likewise visit the application’s page on the Google Play Store.

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