How to Remotely Log Out of Apple TV App Remotely on All Devices

Apple TV makes it easier for you to access all your TV shows and movies on many devices. With the Apple TV app, you are no longer limited to streaming your Apple TV+ on your iOS device or smart TV. There are several compatible devices where you can watch your TV series and movies that are non-Apple produced.

By subscribing to Apple TV Plus, you can stream Apple Original films and TV shows that are exclusive only to subscribers. You can even buy and rent titles on iTunes right inside the Apple TV app. Now, the Apple TV app is compatible with streaming media players, gaming consoles, and smart TV devices.

However, if you have signed in to your Apple TV account on someone else’s TV or streaming device, then you might wonder how you can remotely log out of that device. It might also be the case where you shared your Apple TV account with multiple users such as a friend or family member, and you want to kick them out of your streaming subscription.

One thing you have to remember always is never to forget to log out of your Apple TV app on all your devices to avoid other people from accessing your account without your permission.

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How to Properly Sign Out of your Apple TV App Account on All Devices Remotely

There are other reasons why you need to log out of your Apple TV app on all devices. If you opened your account on other devices apart from yours, it stays open and accessible if you did not sign out after using it. The risk is for the device owner to use your Apple TV account without your authorization.

If you shared your Apple TV password with your friends as mentioned above, and you want to kick someone out, the best way is to log out of your Apple TV app on all devices remotely. Then, you can change your password and log back in using your new information.

To log in to your Apple TV, you need to sign in using your Apple ID. You can remove a device associated with your Apple ID or deauthorize the device to log it out of your Apple TV app remotely. Here’s how to do it:

How to Remove Associated Device on Apple ID Remotely through your Mac Computer

  • Open the Apple TV app on your Mac computer.
  • Select Account. 
  • Go to View My Account.
  • Sign in using your Apple ID.
  • Select Manage Devices.
  • You will see a list of associated devices on your Apple ID.
  • Look for the device you want to kick out and click the Remove button next to it.
  • Click Done.

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How to Sign Out of your Apple TV Account

  • On your Apple TV app, navigate to Settings.
  • Go to Account.
  • Select iCloud.
  • Click Sign Out.

How to Change your Apple ID Password

After signing out of your Apple ID, you can change your password to secure it from unauthorized access.

  • On your browser, go to
  • Sign in to your Apple ID.
  • Navigate to the Security section.
  • Select Change Password.
  • Enter your current password.
  • Now, type your new password and confirm it.
  • Click Change Password.
  • Now, you can sign back in to the Apple TV app using the new password.

What is your reason for logging out on all devices in your Apple TV app account? We are curious to know, so please drop us your story in the comment section below.

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  1. Logged into our Apple account on a Tv at a holiday house we stayed at and forgot to log out. Now
    New guests are using it. When we tried the above technique ( HOW TO REMOVE ASSOCIATED DEVICE ON APPLE ID REMOTELY THROUGH YOUR MAC COMPUTER ) only computers, iPads and iPhones came up – not TVs. We haven’t found a solution. Any suggestions ?


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