How to Fix Freevee App Failed to Load Watch Error Code ITV-101

Formerly called IMDb TV, Freevee is now making a mark as a home for original films and series that Amazon Studios has commissioned. Despite the somewhat smaller archive compared to that of Netflix, plans for additional content are expected soon.

However, some users of the app are complaining about the “Failed to Load Watch” error on Freevee. This error message also comes with the error code ITV-101. So far, it seems that the error is quite common among users who use their Roku device to access the Freevee app.

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Best Tips to Troubleshoot Freevee App Failed to Load Watch Error Code ITV-101

Although there is no official information available regarding the error, there are some workarounds you can try to fix the Freevee issue.

Use the Right Country Settings

  • Before anything else, go to Manage Your Content and Devices page on the Amazon website.
  • Log into your account and proceed to the Preferences tab.
  • Select the Country/Region Settings and choose Change.
  • Make sure that you choose the correct country and update it to the country where you are located at the moment.

Update Both Your Freevee App and Your Device

Confirm if there are available updates for your Freevee app. If there are, make sure you install them right away and check if the error is gone after the update.

You might also want to verify if you need to update the firmware of the device where you’re trying to access the app. This is especially the case if you’re using Fire TV, your smart TV, or any other similar device.

Inspect the HDMI Cables

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The failed-to-load watch error may also occur because of loose or faulty HDMI cables. Make sure that these cables are correctly connected to your device and TV. Consider getting new ones if your old cables are already damaged or loose.

Check Your Network Connection

An unstable, poor, or weak internet connection might also be the one to blame for the error that you’re getting on your Freevee app. Ensure that the device is connected to your WiFi.

Check if internet access is available to the rest of the devices connected to the same network. Make sure you reset your modem or router if you happen to have an unstable or weak internet connection.

Clear Freevee App Cache

Files in the Freevee app cache might get corrupted, resulting in errors and bugs. Always make it a point to clear the app cache whenever you get the chance to prevent these issues from happening.

Disable and Enable VPN

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Try to disable your VPN if you’re using one and check if the error is gone. If the error message is no longer there, enable your VPN once again to see if it comes back.

You may also switch to a different VPN service such as the ones below:

Uninstall and Reinstall the Freevee App

If the issue persists, your last best resort is to uninstall your Freevee app and install it once again.

The failed-to-load watch error on the Freevee app is the last thing you want to see if you’re excited to watch your favorite content. Don’t hesitate to try the solutions above to bid goodbye to the error once and for all.

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