How to Add, Subscribe & Watch MGM+ on Amazon Prime Video Channels

MGM+, formerly EPIX, is a streaming service that offers an extensive selection of classic and new movies, television series, and other content. Many people are unaware of how to add, sign up and watch MGM+ channel content using Amazon Prime Video Channels platform. 

The following article will provide step-by-step instructions on how to add, subscribe and stream MGM Plus TV shows and movies through Amazon Prime Video Channels in just a few simple steps.

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Step-By-Step Instructions on Subscribing & Adding MGM Plus (+) to your Amazon Prime Video Channels Account

  1. The first step in adding the MGM Plus channel to your existing Amazon Prime subscription is to log into your Amazon Prime account via their website or app.
  2. After logging in, you should visit the ‘Channels’ tab located at the top of the page.
  3. Here, you can browse through all available channels offered by Amazon that are compatible with your current subscription plan.
  4. You can also click here to go directly to the MGM+ channel page on Prime Video Channels.
  5. Once you locate MGM+, select it for further details about what content is included in this particular channel.
  6. Upon selecting MGM Plus, you will be taken to a page where you can view more information about it – such as its monthly cost, features and benefits, etc. 
  7. If satisfied with what’s being offered, click on ‘Subscribe Now’ button which prompts you to enter payment information if needed.
  8. After completing this process successfully, your new channel will be added to your existing subscription list and ready for viewing whenever desired.

Once subscribed to any of these channels, users may access them directly from within their Amazon Prime Video library without having to re-enter login credentials each time they want to watch something from another streaming service provider

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Finding Movies and TV Series Available On MGM+

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Once users have added and subscribed/signed up to a streaming membership plan on MGM+ through their Amazon Prime account on Prime Video Channels, they may begin searching for movies and TV series available on the channel.

First, the homepage of MGM+ will show all currently featured content such as new releases or special collections like ‘Must-See Movies’. This can be a good place to start browsing if users are unsure what they want to watch.

Second, viewers can use search tools to locate specific movies or shows from the vast selection that is available with an MGM+ subscription. Users can also filter results by genre, MPAA rating, year released, and other criteria. 

With this feature, it becomes easy for viewers to find exactly what they’re looking for and get back to watching quickly.

Saving Titles to your MGM+ Watchlist

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Finally, there is the option of creating personalized watch lists within the app where users can save titles so that they can easily return later without having to re-search each time.

This way, customers are able to keep track of progress on long viewing projects such as film franchises or entire seasons of TV shows while also discovering new content when something catches their eye in passing.

In Conclusion

To conclude, MGM+ provides entertainment lovers with a great way to stay connected with their favorite movies, TV shows and more from the convenience of home. With its extensive catalogue and competitive prices, it’s no wonder why this popular streaming service has become such a hit among viewers everywhere. 

Plus, Amazon Prime Video Channels makes it easy to find the perfect fit for any lifestyle or budget – all without having to leave the comfort of your own living room!

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