Can you Turn Off an AirPods Max Headphone? How Do you Do It?

Can you really manually turn on/off your Apple AirPods Max headphones? Let's find out!

Apple AirPods Max headphones offer much prestige when it comes to audio quality and features. The customized design provides both comfort and function, uncompromising precision and caliber in producing high-end sound for users.

However, AirPods Max lacks one of its crucial features – a dedicated power button to switch it on or off. As such, users are unaware of how to turn off their AirPods Max headphone when needed.

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Overall battery life of an AirPods Max reaches up to 20 hours. That means, your AirPods Max earphone continues to work in all these hours. What if you don’t want to use your headphones? How do you turn it off?

Ways to Effectively Turn Off your Apple AirPods Max Headphones

Turning off your Apple AirPods Max headphone helps in saving battery life. While charging time is expendable, we don’t like spending our headphone’s battery inefficiently. Fortunately, even if your AirPods Max does not have a dedicated power button, there are ways to turn the power off.

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Method #1 – Place your Apple AirPods Max inside the Smart Case

When you put your AirPods Max headphone inside the Smart Case, it automatically enters the low power mode. Apple’s Low Power Mode puts your device to sleep. In turn, it saves battery life when not in use. Still, it does not turn off the headphones.

If you want to put your AirPods Max into a deep sleep, which maximizes conserving of battery life, your device needs to go through Ultralow Power Mode. It turns off Find My location tracking and Bluetooth function. Stowing your headphones in the Smart Case will enter the Ultralow Power Mode after 18 hours. If you leave it out of its Smart Case, it needs 72 hours without any activity to activate Ultralow Power Mode.

Method #2 – Drain your AirPods Max Battery

Continually using your AirPods Max headphone will eventually drain the battery. Even if it takes 20 hours for the battery to completely drain, you can help deplete it when you activate and use most of the features.

Try to check the battery status of your AirPods Max battery on any Apple devices. When the battery reaches 0%, a sound will play indicating its immediate off.


That’s it! Turning your AirPods Max headphone may not be an easy task. But, if you really need to power off your headphones, the methods above can be of help.

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