Change your Device’s IP Address with the Help of a Proxy

IP address is used by your computer to identify your network. It is also used to send the data through the internet. But this IP address can be tracked easily. It can be accessed by anyone without your permission.

That’s why Facebook proxy is important for you. You can try to use Smartproxy as your Facebook proxy server when bingeing with those reels. With this proxy service, you can access Facebook easily without being tracked by other people. So, it is a must have tool for you to access any content that you want on Facebook. In this article, we will talk about it and how to use it in your browser.

What is Proxy?

A proxy server is a computer system that connects to the Internet and acts as an intermediary for requests from clients. It makes requests on behalf of clients, and then passes the responses back to the clients. Proxies can also provide anonymity, since they hide the IP address of the client making the request. A proxy server does not directly access data on its own, but rather acts as an intermediary for the client.

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Proxies can also be used to change the URL of a website so that it is not recognizable to anyone on the Internet. This allows you to bypass web censorship and avoid blocking certain websites. Some countries have implemented Internet censorship that blocks access to many websites that they do not like. You can use a proxy server to circumvent these restrictions and access blocked websites from your home or office computer.

Facebook Proxy is a software application that allows you to hide your IP address while browsing the internet anonymously. If you are using an HTTP proxy server or SOCKS proxy, there will be some limitations regarding this software application. However, it does not have any limitations at all because it works through HTTPS protocol with an encrypted connection between your browser and proxy server without any issues at all.

Using it will also hide your browsing data, including your IP address, the pages you visit and the time you spend on them. The only information that will be saved is the proxy server you are using. If you want to view the real IP address of your device, you need to use the third-party software that can display it.

How to Use It?

Step 1: Open Facebook in your browser and click on the “Settings” option in the upper right corner of the page. Then select the “Proxy” tab from it.

Step 2: Enter a proxy server URL or type its name in the “Type” field. Then click on the “Set” button to save it. Now click on the “Ok” button to close this window and proceed with browsing the internet anonymously using this proxy server.

Step 3: You can now visit any website that is not blocked by Facebook by using this proxy server because all blocked websites are now accessible for you through HTTPS protocol. If you want to view the real IP address of your device, install a third-party tool that can display it or use an HTTP/SOCKS proxy application for this purpose.

Another solution if you want to do it easy and faster you can buy a proxy tool server and subscribe to it monthly. There are several providers who provide a platform for it.

Is It Safe to Use SmartProxy?

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Yes, it is very safe. You can access any website anonymously through this proxy server. Also, you will not be tracked by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) while using this proxy server. Also, if you use a proxy server in an office or at home, your employer or landlord cannot find out that you are using a proxy server because the traffic between your computer and the proxy server will be encrypted. However, you must remember that some proxy servers may log your IP address and other personal information.

Tips & Tricks for using Facebook Proxies

1. There are some proxy servers that have the reputation of being bad or they are very slow. If you are facing any problem while using these proxies, you can use the Google Chrome extension called “Facebook Proxy Autodetect” which will detect whether your browser is blocked by Facebook or not.

2. Some proxy servers may block certain content, so it is recommended to check if your site is blocked before connecting to it using a proxy server. You can also download the list of blocked websites from the internet and keep it for future reference.

3. It is important to use the right proxy server if you want to bypass internet censorship. For example, in China, Facebook is blocked by the Great Firewall of China and the only way to access it is through a proxy server.

4. If you are not able to connect to your Facebook account using your proxy server, try using different proxies until you find one that works for you.

5. The connection speed of your proxy server may be slower than your ISP’s internet connection.

6. If you are using a proxy server and it is working fine, but your IP address shows as a different one, then you should change your IP address. You can do this by downloading a tool called “IP Changer” from the Google Play Store.

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