How to Claim your Free Sky Q Voice Control Remote from Sky VIP

Great news to Sky Q box users. If you are using a Sky Q set-top TV box with broadband, Sky is giving you a free Sky Q voice-control remote. It is open to Sky VIP users without the existing remote on their Sky Q box. Users in the UK and Ireland can avail themselves of the free offer. However, it is only available while stocks last.

When using the Sky Q voice remote, you can enjoy the features that come with your Sky Q TV box. You can launch apps, play recordings and downloads, and manage the playbacks with only your voice. Try searching for specific events, shows, or actors. Find movies to stream and change channels for binge-watching. With the voice control remote, you can also take advantage of the new feature called What Should I Watch on your Sky Q box.

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Guide to Redeem your Free Sky Q Voice-Control Remote

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To redeem the free voice control remote from Sky Q, you need to access your My Sky app. If you don’t have the My Sky app yet on your mobile device, you can download and install it easily. Once done, start the process of claiming your free remote by following these steps.

Launch the My Sky app and at the bottom, tap the Sky VIP tab. Go to Exclusive Free Voice Remote card and then tap Redeem Now. Now, check the terms and conditions and tap Confirm Order. Access your email and check if you have received the email, “Confirmation of the changes you’ve made to your Sky.” Now, open the message and see if you have received the free remote.

The free offer on the Sky Q voice remote with voice control features is only available until March 31, 2021. If you cannot avail of the free offer, you can buy them for £24.99.

How to Pair and Use the Voice-Control Remote on Sky Q TV Box

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Once you have received your voice remote, you need to pair it with your Sky Q box in order to use it. Start giving voice commands by following the guide below.

To pair, hold the buttons 1 and 3 at the same time and click Continue. Type your TV brand and click Find it for me. Now, press the Volume buttons to change the volume.

If you cannot, click No, try another. You can try again if it still does not work. After a few attempts, hold the buttons 7 and 9 together. Wait for the light to flash four times. It will reset the remote for you to try the above steps again.

After successfully changing the volume, answer the Sky Soundbox question with Yes or No. Now, set up the touch control. Press the Home button. Go to Settings and select Setup. Then, click Remote Control and choose Sky Q Touch Remote. Now, select Touch Control On and set up the HDMI control. Go to Settings. Click Setup and go to Audio Visual. Lastly, choose HDMI Control and set it to On.

Do you want to get the free voice remote for your Sky Q box? You can let us know below if you have successfully redeemed your free remote from Sky VIP.

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