How to Score & Claim 6 Months Free Apple Music Subscription with your PS5

Do you have a shiny new PlayStation 5 gaming device? Did you know you can claim and score an extended free trial of Apple Music just for owning Sony’s latest console?

Well, Sony and Apple have teamed up to give PS5 owners a special perk – 6 months of full access to Apple Music’s 90+ million song catalog and features for zero dollars.

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Pretty sweet bonus for gaming with a PS5! After loading the Apple Music app, you simply sign in with your Apple ID to instantly unlock the 6 month trial, no strings attached.

This post will walk you through how to find the app on your console, create an Apple ID if you need one, sign up for the trial, and answer common questions around usage.

Keep reading!

Steps to Claim and Redeem your 6 Months Free Apple Music Subscription Free Trial Plan with your Sony PS5 Device

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Step 1: Locate Apple Music in Your PS5 Apps

First you need to actually find and install Apple Music on your PS5 console if don’t see it already:

  • Go to the main menu and scroll down to “Media”
  • Select the Music tab under Media
  • You should find Apple Music listed among the various apps
  • Highlight it and press X to download and install

Once installed, you’ll see the bright icon ready for you to open the app!

Step 2: Sign in Using Your Apple ID

Open the Apple Music app from your PS5’s Media > Music tab. On the welcome screen:

  • You’ll need to sign in with or create an Apple ID. Just provide some basic details when prompted:
    • Your email address
    • Birthday
    • Password
    • Recovery contact info
  • Should only take a minute or two to get your account up and running. Pretty painless overall.

Step 3: Claim Your 6 Month Free Trial

  • Once logged into your new Apple ID, you can claim the free 6-month Apple Music trial
  • Just look for the offer and hit “Try It Free” to activate it
  • After confirming, you’ll have full access to all the Apple Music stuff

Step 4: Start Listening on PS5

  • Now for the best part – so much music at your fingertips!
  • Feel free to browse playlists, check out Apple recommendations, or search for your favorite artists or songs
  • You can even download tracks to listen offline if you want
  • And don’t forget about the custom stations based on your listening history. Good stuff for gaming sessions!

How do I cancel before getting charged?

You can manage subscriptions in your Apple ID account settings and turn off auto-renew anytime.

What happens after the free period? 

The subscription will auto-renew at $9.99 per month unless you turn that setting off ahead of time.

Can my family share this subscription too? 

Yes! The standard Apple Music family sharing rules apply so up to 5 additional people can access for no extra cost.

What features am I getting? 

You get full access to Apple Music catalogs, playlists, music videos, offline listening, spatial audio, personalized stations, lyrics search and more awesome features with this trial!

Happy listening and gaming!

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David Porter
David Porter
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