How to Use the “What Should I Watch” Suggestions Feature on Sky Q

The option for streaming services and devices is becoming wider and wider by the day. In the UK, Sky, one of its largest television and Internet providers, offers a subscription-based TV entertainment called Sky Q.

The Sky Q includes a set-top-box device that will give its users more enhanced streaming and TV experience. Users can select the 2TB Sky Q, the Sky Q 1TB box, and the Sky Q Mini box. These devices will replace the Sky+ or the Sky+HD boxes. It is more compact with added features to make your streaming more worthwhile. You can see the TV Guide, Recordings, and On-Demand shows.

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With each Sky Q TV box set, you will get a remote control that will give you access to more apps and features. Users will also enjoy the 4K service offered by Sky. You can watch live sporting events, TV shows, 4K movies, and On-demand titles.

Now, Sky Q is adding a new feature that will take your streaming experience up a notch. Introducing the “What should I watch?” suggestions feature using your remote.

How to Use & Get Content Suggestions using “What Should I Watch” Feature on Sky Q TV

Sometimes, too many options is not a good thing. When you have more titles to choose from, it becomes harder to select what you want to watch. In the end, you settle to not watch at all or revisit old shows.

Credit: Sky

The new feature on Sky Q will be a big help when it comes to these situations. Sky Q has a voice remote that captures voice commands. Just by asking your remote, “What should I watch?” Sky Q will automatically list down suggestions for you to start streaming.

The recommendations will be based on your personal preferences and history. Sky Q will check everything you have watched in any streaming services such as Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and its own Sky TV channel. Then, it will curate data to give you a personalized suggestion on what to watch next.

Sky Q will show the list from New Series for You, More favorites, Continue Watching, Because you watched, Popular on Netflix, and more recommendations.

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Isn’t it a cool new feature to have? What do you think of the “What Should I Watch” feature on your Sky Q TV? You can share your thoughts with us by dropping us a comment down below.

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