How to Create, Setup & Manage Profiles on Sky Glass and Sky Stream TV Boxes

Are you looking for a way to stay connected with friends and family? Sky Glass smart TV and Sky Stream set-top box offer a great way to do just that! 

With their easy-to-use profiles, users can quickly create, setup, and manage multiple user profiles on their accounts so they can keep up with the latest news, share special moments and offer personalized playlist and content collection. 

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In this article, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions on how to set up your profile and add separate profiles for other users in your house to get started in no time.

Adding or Creating & Setting Up a Profile on Sky Glass or Stream Streaming Players using Personalized Playlists

The first step in adding and creating a profile on either streaming platform package is signing up with the service provider using basic information such as name, email address, payment method (if applicable), etc. 

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After selecting a username and password, you’ll then want to customize the settings within your profile page according to what works best for you. You can opt in/out of certain features like notifications or email alerts whenever someone interacts with one of your posts.

Set privacy settings regarding who can see what content; decide whether or not people are allowed to comment on posts; turn off auto play videos; etc. Taking advantage of these options helps give you more control over how others interact with your profile while still allowing them access to whatever content they’re interested in viewing.

With these steps successfully completed, you now have a fully functioning profile on either Sky Glass or Sky Stream! 

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How to Manage Sky Glass or Stream User Profiles on your Account

Once complete registration has been completed it’s time to start setting up the profile itself by selecting preferences such as language preference or parental controls if needed. 

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After these settings have been configured, it’s then possible for users to begin adding their own personal playlist and content libraries from various sources, including:

  • Movies and TV shows from subscription-based services like Netflix or Hulu Plus
  • Music from itunes; 
  • Photos and videos stored online via Google Drive or Dropbox; 
  • Plus, any other type of media available online, which can be added into their personalized library section within each respective app interface. 

Additionally, users also have full control over what types of notifications they receive when new items are added to their library section; this includes everything ranging from movie trailers to artist news updates, etc.

Finally, once all desired settings have been applied, it’s now possible for users to begin customizing individual user accounts across multiple devices by syncing them together using cloud-based technology, thus allowing them to streamline certain features between different platforms simultaneously. 

This could include things like saving bookmarks or playlists between different devices so that no matter where someone watches something, it’s always accessible at any time, regardless of whether it’s being watched via laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. 

In addition, most providers allow customers to add additional family members onto one account. This makes it even easier to share favorites among everyone while still maintaining separate user preferences per person. It’s perfect solution for those who don’t want recommendations mixed up among different people living under the same roof!

Hope this helps!

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