How to Turn Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime Video Subtitles On/Off on Sky Q

Streaming on Sky Q will give you more than well-loved TV channels. Now, you can enjoy watching series and movies from different streaming services. You can also access added features like Sports, HD, Ultra HD, and Multi screening.

When you watch shows on Sky Q set-top TV box, some users prefer to turn on the subtitles. It is better to understand what the characters are saying when you read from the text. For some people, having a subtitle translates foreign words to them. You can learn another language just by watching TV when you have the subtitles enabled.

However, for other users, subtitles are a definite No. They find it difficult to focus on the overall picture if they are trying to read the subtitles. The extra text at the bottom can be annoying and disruptive to the show or movie. Having subtitles can diminish the overall viewing experience.

Whether you like it or not, you have the option to turn the subtitles on or off on the streaming service apps you downloaded on Sky Q. You can switch this feature on your Netflix, Disney Plus, or Amazon Prime Video apps while you watch.

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Enable or Disable Subtitles on Netflix, Disney Plus, or Prime Video on Sky Q

Screenshot: Binge Gauge/Sky

It is easy to turn the subtitles on or off on the streaming service you are watching. For instance, if you want to read the characters’ scripts on Netflix, you can enable it by navigating to the Audio and Subtitles. From there, select Subtitles and change them.

For Disney Plus, all you have to do is select the Keyboard icon while playing the video and select your subtitles. If you are streaming Amazon Prime Video on Sky Q, you can press Select during playback and select the subtitles.

An easier way to enable or disable the subtitles is through your voice control Sky Q remote. You can say “Turn on or off the subtitles” on the microphone of your remote after pressing the Voice button.

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Which is better for you? Turning the subtitles on or off? We would love to know what works for you. You can share your story below.

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