How to Access & Enable Developer Options on Amazon Fire TV or Firestick

The Amazon Fire TV system is one that contains a few hidden features that can only be accessible through the Developer Options. Although the name indicates that it should be used by developers, the contents of this menu are actually nifty for the average user. The problem is that many casual Firestick streaming media player users don’t have an idea of how to view, reveal, and use the tool properly.

If you’re looking to find, enable, and gain access to these advanced features for the FireTV OS on Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick devices, we’ve got you covered with this guide.

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How to Enable & Access Developer Options Features & Tools on your Amazon Fire TV or Firestick Device

  • To gain full access, you’ll need to have your Fire TV hardware on and open My Fire TV
  • Navigate to your About section within the Settings
  • While on the first item, hit the select button on your remote seven times
  • This will reveal the hidden menu

If you’re using a Fire TV Stick or a pre-built Television with Fire TV, there are some differences bound to be present.

Generally, you should be able to open your Settings on Fire TV

  1. Select My Fire TV
  2. Choose About
  3. Highlight the first option available to you on the page, this should show your specific device e.g. Fire TV Stick
  4. Press on your remote as if you are selecting the specific item seven times
  5. Now, you should see a message indicating that you are already a developer
  6. Press the back button on your remote and access your previous menu

How to Use the Developer Options on Amazon Fire TV Devices

Although they are hidden, they pose some valuable functions for users. For example, you can install 3rd party apps from unknown sources. This is called sideloading and should only be done with care. Amazon is against that kind of function, but if you know what you’re doing, you should be absolutely fine.

Some other features include the fact that it allows you to connect your phone to the Fire TV with ADB, Grab screenshots from your display and even connect a mouse to your TV.

One of the main reasons someone might want to enable Developer Options is jailbreaking. This is essentially going to let you install external APKs, allowing you to view content outside of the Amazon Appstore. If you live in a region where Appstore content is not actively supported, you can use this to gain access to your local channels if they have apps available. It also works if you’re trying to gain access to international content.

How to Turn On & Access the App Developer Tools on Amazon Fire TV

As an App developer, there’s another menu contained within the Fire TV device. This one is aimed at app developers and it will probably not be relevant to you unless you’re using it for development. To enable or turn on and view this settings menu, use the following steps:

  • Press and hold your Action button for a second
  • Hold the Directional ring button while still doing step 1
  • After 3-4 seconds, release the buttons and press your Menu button

Were you able to find use for the Developer Options feature on Firestick or Fire TV? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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