Enable or Disable Peacock Subtitles or Closed Captions on Movies & TV Shows

Are subtitles helpful or annoying for you? It is a debate with most users whether to turn on the subtitles or closed captions on their movies or TV shows or not. But, there is never a right or wrong answer when it comes to subtitles and closed captioning. It all depends on your preference and need when streaming your favorite titles.

Peacock is one of the popular streaming services now. Many users enjoy the exclusive original TV series they watch on the Peacock app, not to mention new videos uploaded for them to discover. Classic and new movies, as well as live TV news and sports events, are all available on the Peacock streaming platform.

To give its users the freedom to choose what they want with subtitles, Peacock allows you to enable or disable the closed captions whenever you want on the settings or while the video is playing.

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Steps to Turn Subtitles or Closed Captioning Feature On or Off on the Peacock App or Website

Subtitles or closed captioning aid users to understand the films or TV shows they stream on Peacock. With the text below the picture, you will know what the characters are saying even when they use different accents. It happens that some characters use slang or other jargons that may be new to your ears. Turning on the subtitles will help you know what they are.

At the same time, some users get annoyed when there are texts below the screen. Instead of focusing on the characters and their surroundings, they get distracted by the moving text below the picture.

Whether you like subtitles or not, you can always enable or disable them easily on your settings menu or through the video screen during playback on the Peacock app or website. Follow the steps below to learn how to manage and customize your Peacock subtitles and closed captions.

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Enable or Disable Closed Captions & Subtitles on Peacock During Video Playback

  • Open your Peacock app on your smart TV, mobile phone, tablet, or streaming media player.
  • Play any movie or TV show episode that you want to stream on Peacock.
  • On your remote, press the Down arrow.
  • Now, press the Left arrow to highlight the Rectangular icon.
  • Press the OK button on your remote.
  • Look for the Subtitles option.
  • You can turn it to Off or to any language you want to enable it.

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Enable or Disable Closed Captions & Subtitles on Peacock from the Settings Menu

  • To enable or disable subtitles and closed captions from the settings menu, follow this guide.
  • Go to the Settings menu of your streaming device.
  • Look for the General section where you can find the Accessibility option.
  • Go to the Hearing/Audio section.
  • Click Subtitles & Captioning or Captions depending on your device.
  • From there, you can customize the subtitle or closed caption settings.

That’s it! The steps to enabling or disabling the subtitles or closed captions on Peacock are easy. This method works on the Peacock app for Android or iOS mobile devices, smart TVs, set-top boxes like Roku, Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV, and the Peacock website. You can turn them on or off depending on the video you are watching.

What titles do you need to turn on the subtitles or closed captions? We are curious to know, so drop us a comment below.

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