How to Use SharePlay to Watch Movies Together on FaceTime

Apple is adding a new feature on FaceTime that will bring more than just talk and video chat with your friends. Now, you can host a watch party, thanks to SharePlay. On top of FaceTime’s reliable video calling service, you and your friends can enjoy watching movies or listening to music from your favorite streaming apps.

SharePlay lets you start a co-watching party where you can sync movies and TV shows with your friends. It recreates a movie night experience where everyone gathers in front of the TV and watches their favorite show. Now, even when you are away from each other, you can still watch together using Apple’s Share Play.

Features of FaceTime SharePlay

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You can get and enjoy different things when you use SharePlay. First is the watch party. It is easy to share and sync movies or TV shows with your friends using compatible TV or streaming app. Second, SharePlay enables you to listen to your favorite playlist or music album while you are on FaceTime video call.

Start playing music from your Apple Music app, and it will sync to everyone in your FaceTime call. Everyone can also add or play songs, so it becomes more interactive on the call.

SharePlay also allows you to share your screen with your friends. If you find something you want to show to everyone, you can screen share it.

Apple enables SharePlay to work system-wide on different Apple devices. It means that you can use multiple Apple devices such as Mac/Macbook, iPad tablet, iPhone, or Apple TV while remaining in sync with your FaceTime call. You can extend your call to your Apple TV. You can also leave the app and open another app while continuing with the video.

How to Use FaceTime SharePlay to Host Movie Streaming Watch Party with Friends

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The steps to launching SharePlay are easy. Right now, SharePlay is still on its developer beta. It is not yet officially available, but you can already use and try it now. Follow the procedure below.

  • Open your FaceTime app.
  • Tap Create a Link.
  • Go to the Upcoming section.
  • Look for the FaceTime Link and tap the small letter i button.
  • Now, you can share the link with two options: Share the link via WhatsApp, Messenger, and text, or copy the link and share it yourself.
  • When your FaceTime call with SharePlay starts, you need to tap the Check button to let others in.

SharePlay supports apps like Hulu, Disney+, Paramount+, Apple TV app, Apple Music, HBO Max, ESPN+, Pluto TV, TikTok, Twitch, Masterclass, NBA, and more. As of now, SharePlay is not yet available to the general users. However, it will roll out with the iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey updates this year.

What do you think of FaceTime SharePlay? Will you use it? You can share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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