How to Fix Peacock TV Sign in Not Working & Other Account Login Issues

Isn’t it irritating if you cannot sign in to your Peacock account? There is a lot to stream, even on the Free tier of Peacock TV. But, having been confronted of a login issue will only convert your excitement to frustrations.

Users of the streaming platform worry if they cannot sign in to Peacock TV. Is there a problem with my account? Am I the only one experiencing this error? What happens now? It is understandable to be negative about an account login issue. But the truth is, it also happens to many users and it’s not even an exclusive problem to Peacock TV.

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Now, the question is, “How can I resolve the sign-in issue on my Peacock TV?” Fortunately, there are ways you can do to troubleshoot the problem and fix the error. It may involve a bit of effort and time on your part, but it is worth it once you login back to Peacock TV.

How to Troubleshoot & Fix Peacock TV Account Sign-in or Login Not Working Errors

There are different methods to fix the sign-in issues on Peacock. You may have to try them one at a time until you get the problem solved. Keep in mind that there are various factors why you are unable to log in to your Peacock TV account. You may not instantly figure out what the cause is, but by trying the different solutions, you will be able to find out a workaround.

Sign In on Another Browser, Device, or Through the Peacock TV App

If you are streaming Peacock TV on a web browser, chances are your browser may be having an issue. If that is the case, try to switch to another browser or use an incognito window and see if you can log in to your account. If not, try to use a different device to stream on Peacock TV. You can also sign-in using the Peacock TV app on an iPhone or Android mobile phone, streaming media player or smart TV.

If you don’t have the Peacock TV app, launch Google Play Store, the iOS App Store, or the Store section of your streaming media device. Search for Peacock TV and install the app. It may take some time switching from one device or browser to another but it helps to figure out what may be wrong.

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Update the Peacock App

It helps if you update your Peacock TV app to its latest version. NBCUniversal may not leave you behind in solving all the technical errors on Peacock TV. New app versions also include fixes for bugs and other improvements to make your streaming more enjoyable.

To update your Peacock TV app, search for Peacock on the Google Play Store, the App Store, or the Store section of your device. Select Update if there are available updates to install.

You may also want to update your browser or your device’s software or firmware. A new version of Peacock TV may work better with the updated versions of your browser or OS. It may trigger an error if either version is old and outdated.

Clear the Cache Files of your Browser or Peacock App

Corrupted cache files always instigate an error in your device or the app you use. It is always recommended to clear your cache files if there are corrupted data that may be causing the streaming or login issue on Peacock. You may want to visit your app storage to clear the cache on your mobile phone or go to the settings menu of your browser to clear browsing data.

If nothing works, Peacock servers might be down or experiencing overloading issues that causes signing in to your account an impossible task to do at the moment. If that is the case, all you need to do is wait for Peacock to fix the problem on their end. You can also try to reach out to their customer service channels to check up on it.

Did any of the methods above helped you fix the Peacock TV sign in problems? We are curious to know what works, so drop us a comment below.

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  1. I have upgraded my Peacock in the living room do I need to also upgrade for my bedroom so I need to account

  2. I have the tcl 55rokutv but can’t access any of the streaming channels.. signed up for discovery channel but could not get signed in.w/password issue they say you already have account.I am very unhappy..I do everything that you ask but not getting any where.I want to watch football on the big screen and NOT on the phone!

  3. I upgraded my account but I can’t get it on my basement can someone help me I like watching tv in basement and can’t get it so frustrating

  4. Peacock paid subscriber. Can log in and access all content on PC web browser. Using android web browser I can log in but I get a message to install the android app to in order to access any content. Installed the app (using the link provided which goes directly to PlayStore) and it doesn’t authenticate my email/pw combination. Uninstalled the app and have repeated this whole process twice. Thankfully I can cancel after 1 month (unless they bury that option so deep in the gui that it will take an expedition to find it … which is my suspicion)


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