How to Fix Disney Plus HotStar Location Not Found Error

Disney+ Hotstar is an online streaming platform from its name. This is a collaboration between Disney and Star India’s existing Hotstar streaming service. Its owner is Novi Digital Entertainment Private Limited. Disney Plus Hotstar is a Disney channel in India. This may be viewed on Kodi, Samsung TV, Firestick, Chromecast, Android, iOS, and Apple TV. It is not accessible in the United States, although it is available in some parts of North America.

It offers high-quality content like Hindi movies and TV shows, Hollywood movies, and the entire library of Disney Plus content and Disney’s originals. But while streaming your favorite show, you may encounter some errors, like location not found or Disney+ HotStar service not available in your region geo-location restriction problem.

Disney+ Hotstar Subscription Plan Options

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In streaming this platform, there is 3 tier that is available for you. The cheapest is a mobile plan, which has an annual cost of Rs 499. Ads are present, only one mobile device can view it, and the video resolution is reduced to 720p with stereo audio. In contrast, super-tier membership costs Rs 899 annually.

A Super subscription still includes ads. But does not give access to its users for 4k streaming. You can only use a maximum of two screens at 1080p quality. The cost of a Premium tier subscription is Rs 1,499 per year. With this, you can watch the content on as many as four logged-in devices. With this subscription, you may stream media in up to 4K quality and Dolby 5.1 audio. And No annoying Ads will be shown. 

Why Does the ‘Location Not Found’ Hotstar Error Message Appears on your Streaming Screen

  • An anonymous proxy is applied. 
  • You are using an unreliable or free VPN 
  • You are using an unblocker to hide your location, bypassing Hotstar’s geo-restriction mechanisms. 
  • A network-related error

How to Troubleshoot Issues and Fix Disney Plus HotStar Location Not Found Error

  1. Try plugging out your TV and starting again. 
  1. Verify your internet connection first. Try rebooting your router or modem if it’s functioning. This can sometimes solve the issue.
  • If your WiFi router is dual-band, you must set it to 2.4 GHz.
  • Open the WiFi router page. 
  • Check if your router is set to the 5GHz band option
  • If not, put it to 2.4 GHz. 
  • And restart your router, then check if the error still occurs. 
  1. Update the Hotstar app on your TV.
  1. Restart your TV. 
  1. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the Hotstar app. 
  1. Check any pending firmware updates for your Smart TV
  1. Check to see if the Hotstar app is running the most recent version. 
  1. Check Hotstar server 

Hotstar’s server status can be checked in many different ways.

  • Check Hotstar’s social media accounts to see if it has posted anything new.
  • Check the Hotstar website to see if any server problems have been reported.
  • Examine or to check whether they list any Hotstar outages that have been reported.
  1. Contact Hotstar

Contacting the Disney Plus Hotstar support desk could be the only option if the problem persists. 

  • Get in touch with the Hotstar support staff and let them know about the error.
  • You can email your complaint at [email protected]
  • Or go to the customer support number and call them.
  • Open their social media and DM them directly.
  1. Change your Smart TV primary DNS to and Secondary 2 to Or to primary DNS. Get in touch with your ISP. 
  2. Put network Settings to Automatic 
  3. Disable proxies, VPN, and any software that changes your IP.
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