How to Find & See your YouTube Music Winter Recap 2024 (Finally)

View your Personalized YouTube Music 2024 Winter Recap Playlist and Stats Now

Want to know what you have been listening to the last Winter on YouTube Music? While the much-awaited Winter Recap 2024 has long been overdue, YouTube Music finally released the stats to its users.

Spring began last March 19, 2024, a new season for music lovers to create personalized playlists with a different climate. Seeing the delay of the Winter Recap 2024 release, users are bound to move on. Still, a lot of people embraced the previous stats despite the seasonal turn.

It Has Arrived! What’s Inside YouTube Music Winter Recap 2024?


If you love to know which artists or albums you played more in the last few months, the recap will give you the answers. Rather than providing its users with a yearly stat of their music listening history, YouTube Music deviated to a seasonal release, making the highlights more personalized.

You can view top genres, playlists, albums, artists, tracks, and moods. You can also check out the total time you streamed on YouTube Music from December 2023 to February 2024. If you want to create a photo album with your Winter Recap, just turn on the Google Photos integration.

However, not a lot of users are inspired by the change of name on the recap list. Due to the delay of release and overlapping with the Spring season, Google scrapped the Winter Recap ’24 name and changed it to December-February ’24.

How to Find and View your Personalized YouTube Music 2024 Winter Recap Playlist and Stats

You can see your YouTube Music Winter Recap 2024 via Android phone or iOS device.

On An Android Phone or Tablet

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  • Sign in to your YouTube Music account via the app.
  • Tap your profile photo.
  • Select Recap.
  • Tap Get your Recap.

On An iPhone or iPad Device

  • Launch the YouTube Music app and login to your account.
  • Tap your profile photo.
  • Choose Your Recap.
  • Tap Watch Now.

How to Opt-In Google Photos on YouTube Music

Google allows the integration of your Google Photos to make your YouTube Music recap more personalized. If you haven’t opted-in your Google Photos yet, here’s how to do it.

  • Go to the Recap page of your YouTube Music account.
  • Look for the Connect to Google Photos banner.
  • Tap Connect.
  • Reload the recap page to add in your photos.

Wrapping Up!

It is indeed a fun way to end a season of music listening with statistics to show. Enjoy your YouTube Music Winter Recap and have a blast creating a new one this Spring.

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